February 27, 2013

The Moon Sees Me

Most of you know that I absolutely LOVE moons, as you can see it's part of my logo here at The Polish Hoochie, so I'm a total sucker for polishes that have moon shaped glitters. This polish is no exception. Today, I have The Moon Sees Me by Trelly's M.I.S.C.
This is 2 coats of MAC Blue Gaze with two dabbed on coats of The Moon Sees Me. This polish has a clear base packed with pastel color glitters as well as silver holo glitters, including moons!

I dabbed on 2 coats and the glitters (including the moons) did not have to be 'fished out'. I got them to easily stick to the brush with a few swirls of the brush in the jar. 

I used a dark blue base because I was going for a night sky theme.  This is my newest MAC polish and I was pretty impressed with the formula. It was slightly thick, but it glided on in 2 easy coats. 

I knew these two would make a perfect pair. 

It's one of those nights where I spend most of my time just staring at my nails at the glorious sparkle and shine this manicure has lol.

The moon shaped glitters are my favorite. There is a small amount of bar glitter in this one as well. You can see that on my Index and Middle Finger in the first two photos. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this one. Stay tuned I have a lot going on in the next several weeks here at The Polish Hoochie :)

(*this polish was sent to me for my honest review)

February 26, 2013

Giveaway Winners announced!

Just a quick announcement for winners...

The 900 Facebook Followers Giveaway Winner is:  
Theresa Papon.

(*this prize has been claimed)

The 900 Blog Followers Giveaway Winner is:  
Tabby Lewis 

(*this prize has been claimed)

All winners have been emailed. Thanks guys, and there will be more giveaways so stay tuned!

February 24, 2013

More Snow and a Shooting Star :)

An update on the snow storm we had here in the Midwest last week on Thursday, we got about 10 inches of snow in total. I had areas drift even higher than that. I pretty much had a death drive home from work in the afternoon on Thursday (a 20 minute drive took me an hour and 10 minutes in the worst part of the Blizzard - zero visibility), and I was snowed in Friday with lots of shoveling to do. According to The Weather Channel, the storm was called 'Q'....um yeah, I still don't get where they come up with these crazy names lol. I understand the alphabetical system, but Q.  Someone must of been a JAMES BOND fan :)

The kicker...a second storm is headed this way for Monday and Tuesday, with maybe more snow than the first...GAH, seriously lol. I feel like both storms are somewhat my fault though, let me explain. I'm originally from New York, and when I heard they were getting hit with Nemo, I was was jealous of all the snow they were getting. I miss having BIG snow storms. Here in Missouri we really don't get big storms normally. I told my husband I was jealous and I wanted 20 inches of snow here too. He said, "not in this lifetime, we never get snow like that" hehehe.  Well, as this new storm, Rocky, approaches (lol...seriously ROCKY?, it should of been 'M') they are predicting up to 12 inches. We still have 10 inches on the ground so with the 12, that is OVER 20 inches. My husband now blames me, haha. He says it's all my fault because I asked for it :) 

My last snow nails post went horrible. I thought the polish I used was called  Light Snow, only to find out the correct name was Light Show, lol. It was pretty disastrous to say the least. Since we are getting more snow, I'm determined to do another snow manicure, and get the name right this time. I have the PERFECT Polish.

This time I'm using Rainbow Polish, Shooting Star. Okay it has nothing to do with snow lol, but it gave me the look I wanted. This was a Limited Edition Fundraiser polish offered way back in 2012. I have seen it randomly pop up on Rainbow Polish's Etsy site here and there since, so I can't be sure if it will be back or not. This brand has quickly became part of my top 5 Indie Brands.  Here is Shooting Star layered over 2 coats of Orly Au Champagne.

 Can you say, 'GORGEOUS'!!!

This reminds me of the snow when you first wake in the morning and everything is frozen over and glistening in the sun, when everything is untouched and the snow really sparkles. The Holo glitters in this are glorious. You can see all the colors that reflect off the stars and hex glitters. There is also a fine micro glitter in the base, and together everything is just WOW!

I'm ready for the snow so bring it on, lol. The formula on this (and my other RP's) was a dream to apply. They are slightly thick, but I like them that way so I have better control brushing on the glitters. A few drops of thinner can also be used if needed. I can not get over how great this came out. 

There is even Holo bar glitter in this. I know a lot of you dislike bar glitter, but I love it. There is the perfect amount scattered in it. This is just Holo heaven in a bottle. 

I hope you guys enjoyed, and I will include more snow totals after this storm comes and goes. For everyone out there in  the track of Rocky, please stay safe and warm.

February 21, 2013

Snow and MORE Snow...with Light Show

(This is the second post for today, scroll down one post if you would like to see my candle and warmer tart collection.)

Tonight, here in Missouri it is snowing like CRAZY!!! We have had easily 10 inches so far, and the snow continues. SNOW...and MORE SNOW.  I wanted to do my nails to reflect the weather, so I decided on Light Snow from Naild'it.

(EDIT: Sorry guys, but the polish is called LIGHT SHOW, not Light Snow.) 
Instead of Snow nails I have a tongue twister. Light Show in the Light Snow ...LOL!

This is three coats of Light Show alone. I adore polishes with large black dot glitters like this. These truely end up being my favorite polishes of all glitters.

It has so many shapes, sizes and colors of different glitters. There is even a small amount of black bar glitter that I really like in this polish, it stands out against the light background. 

I did not place these dots, I got lucky and they brushed on with just regular polish strokes. The one thing I did do, which I have done in the past, is I 'wiped' the dots. Once the dots are on the nail I let them sit a bit, and then I take my finger and wipe them clean of polish. This way they are bold and really stand out.  You can also use a small brush with a drop of acetone on it and wipe quickly.

Here is a close up of the glitters. Look at the pretty sparkle going on in this polish.

Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope all of those effected by the snow in the Midwest stay safe and warm.

As far as the snow here, this is what it looks like so far - LOTS!

(*The following polish was sent to me for my honest review)

My Candle and Warmer Tarts Collection

Hi Guys,

Just quick post on my Candle/Tart Collection. New Nails will be up later tonight, but for now I will share my collection...

The video is LONG, so no complaining please :) hehehe.

Thanks for visiting!

February 18, 2013

Naild'it Re-Release Info ...

I'm still currently on the road traveling (as it seems like we do a lot). Kelly and I like to travel to to the city a lot when we can. We live way out in the country, and it's nice to touch base with civilization every now and again lol. This is his Birthday/Valentine's Day weekend getaway that was planned way back in Dec/Jan. So I decided to have Valentine's Day nails for the whole weekend :) 

Tonight I have a beauty to show you from Naild't. This polish was originally released in December of 2012 for Christmas and it was called Rudolf Knows. I love that name, it makes me giggle every time I say it. This is no longer available, BUT I just got great news from Andrea over at Naild'it. This polish will be re-released soon under a different name, All Red. There will be one slight change from my version. All Red will include Holo Red Heart Glitters as well. To find out when it will be released head on over to Naild'it's Facebook Page and you can keep an eye out for release information. You can also purchase Naild'it from Etsy HERE.

This polish is a red jelly base with red and holographic hex glitters of all sizes. It is seriously intense and very complex. I have two dabbed layers over one layer of Essie's E! Live from The Red Carpet. The glitters are dense in this that it gives off an amazing sparkle. I feel like I have Dorothy's ruby slippers on my finger tips. 

I'm so thrilled that this is being re-released. And have no fear if you dislike heart glitters. Mostly heart glitters do have to be 'placed' on the nail. Meaning removed from the jar with the brush or a toothpick and placed on the nails. If you wish to omit the heart glitters, it is easily done.

This polish is so gorgeous and it can be used for so many different occasions and holidays. It's already worked for me for Christmas and now Valentine's Day. 

Look at that shine! Is that not amazing or what?! I love love this and it's easily a top in my collection now.  I have this topped with one coat of NYC Grand Central and one coat of regular Seche Vite.

Make sure you can grab this one up before it goes. The formula on this one was amazing too. I usually have to thin glitters, but this one went on perfectly. No need to mess with a formula like this. 

Check out this close up to get a better idea on how dense the glitters are in this.

Thank for visiting! 

ALSO - for those interested I added a What's in my Tart warmer section on the Left Side bar. Each time I change it I will update that area. I also added a new warmer tab up top that will have a running list of tarts I burn by company. Just a little fun extra I added.

(*the following polish was sent to me for my honest review)

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

 Today I have a super fun, but VERY long post (sorry to dail-up users). I last minute ordered Rainbow Polish's Valentine's Day Polish Set and never thought I would get it in time, well it came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited!!! 

(*Please note: the Special Delivery Ornament is mine, and was purchased from Hobby Lobby. This ornament is not part of the set).

It came in a really cute plastic heart container wrapped with a red ribbon bow. It was so cutely packaged I almost didn't want to open it lol. Of course I did open it, with much excitement! The set includes three polishes..

They are so sparkly and pretty and SCREAM Valentine's Day.

 (*Please note: The Kisses Glitter Ornament is not part of the set, and was purchased by me at Hobby Lobby).

I just could not get enough pictures of these beauties...

As you can see the glitter in these are F-abulous....

I in no way could decide which I liked better. I love Pretty in Pink (the name alone had me), but Kelly's fav color (my Hubby) loves purple, and Sugar Kisses has Hearts in it (Perfect for Valentine's Day)... SO ....I decided to do them all lol. 

I started with this pattren as my base coats...

 Thumb and Pinky: China Glaze Naked
Ring Finger and Index Finger: China Glaze Make An Entrance
Middle Finger: BB Couture Joker (Much more purple toned - my camera made it show more blue here) 

Thumb and Pinky Finger: Sugar Kisses
Index and Ring Finger: Pretty in Pink
Middle Finger: Lovender 

  Epppp, how cute is this?!! :) I LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT!!!

Tonight we have a Healing Hearts class (how appropriate for Valentine's Day). It's part of Kelly's rehab and since he wasn't able to go all week with the Hospital Procedure Monday we decided to go to the class. This manicure will be so fun to have on for the class. My Pinky and Thumb finger even have hearts!

The shimmer that is in the base it just gorgeous. I seriously want to lick my fingers hehehehehe, it looks like sugar!

As you can see I took a Gazillion pictures of my nails too lol. 

A one last parting shot!!! 

Hope you guys liked this as much as I did. Sorry for the 1000 pictures lol.

 Here is the last of my pictures (there are more LOL)....

Kelly got me three more items for my Pandora Bracelet. The Flower Safety Chain, The Owl Charm and the Love birds charm for my Valentine's Day gift. I so love them!!! He is the best Hubby in the world.

(we are big time into birds and after this weekend getaway we have planned you will see the significance of these charms) 

And last but not least, I left my Xmas tree up in my Nail Polish room and decorated it for Valentine's Day cuz I'm Crazy like that lol.  I will be leaving it up and decorating it for each holiday this year, that's just how I roll LOL (CRAZY ROLL)!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


February 13, 2013

Dog Day Dream

Hi Guys,

I have a polish for you guys tonight that is A-MAZING!!!! :) I wanted something pink and red for Valentine's Day week. Since my hubby has been sick, I had to place my Valentine's Day Polish order(s)LATE, so for the beginning of this week I had to just make do with polishes already in my stash. I shopped my stash and came up with Hare's Dog Day Dream. The colors were exactly what I was looking for. Pink, Red, Purple...so amazing you just have to see it to ubderstand it's true beauty. 

I wore this for Kelly's heart procedure, Monday. I wanted something bright and pretty to look at to help keep me positive and calm instead of freaking out, which I kind of did anyways. 

The night before when I did this mani, it really did help to calm me and it helped me to focus as well. I was less nervous about everything that was going to happen Monday. Let me introduce you to the wonderful and stunning Hare's Dog Day Dream. This is 3 coats all on it's own. I really loved that I didn't have to layer this. I was doing a lot to prep things for Kelly the night before we went to the Hospital, so this had to be fast and effortless, and just what I needed in a hectic time.

I love how it came out. I see why everyone raves about Hare's so much, this one was lovely!!!

Perfect to kick off Valentine's Day Mani's :) 

Today I got my order of Valentine's Day polishes so those will be posted next, stay tuned. Also, don't forget to enter my 900 followers/likes Giveaway. You can enter here...GIVEAWAY LINK

February 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Argyle

Hi everyone :)

First, I want to send my wishes out to all those in the Northeast that are getting hit by Nemo. My entire family and lots of my friends live there so my heart is heavy tonight. I hope everyone is safe!

Second, I want to wish my wonderful husband, Kelly, a VERY VERY Happy Birthday. The poor guy has been struggling with chest pains for several weeks, and after a bunch of test they have decided to go back in his chest on Monday to check over his stints. I'm hoping it's something minor, but it could also lead to bypass surgery if needed. We won't know anything until Monday. We check in the hospital at 1pm Monday and our return home date is up in the air. Please say a prayer for him.

Tonight my post is a birthday mani for Kelly. His favorite color is purple...so of course I was going all out purple. I started with one coat of Rescue Beauty Lounge's MISMAS. A super gorgeous purple polish. I than dabbed on a few coats of Candy Lacquers Purple Argyle.

To top things off, I did one coat of Seche Vite (regular formula) and one coat of Seche Vite (UV formula). I then dried them under my UV light nail drier for several minutes, and then I was out the door for Kelly's Birthday dinner. With the impending surgery Monday, I wanted him to have a special meal tonight and a special mani.

This combination came out so much better than planned. Check out the fine glitters that add that special background sparkle. The polish has purple, white, black and HOLO diamond shape glitters. Super fabulous.

The polish also contains white, black and HOLO bar glitter. The combination is over the top WOW. 

This is one of those happy surprise polishes. This polish didn't really look special in the bottle. It seemed kind of just there. Sitting in a tray next to other glitter polishes, it didn't seem to stand out. Once the polish was on the nail, it was a totally different story...it was amazing. I'm now sorry I overlooked it for so long.

Kelly really liked it a lot, so it was perfect. I hope you guys like it!. I will try and do another post before Kelly gets admitted to the Hospital Monday. I have a feeling that it will be a day filled with unbearable stress, and if my nails are gross and messy it will just make me feel a billion times worse. I think most of you that polish your nails understand this. You are having a horrible day crying, and you look at your yuck nails and you just break down even more and then feel WAY worse. I'm going to wear something happy and positive that day.  Please say a prayer for us, it would be much appreciated.

 Be back soon!!!

February 6, 2013

900 followers giveaway!!

Hey guys,

I know it's been a while, but I'm trying to get back on track ...lets kick this off the right way with a giveaway - yippeeee!!!! 

I have 2 bottles of Damone Roberts 1968 for this giveaway. One is for 900 Followers on my Blog, and One is for 900 Followers on my Facebook Page. 2 winners for this one!






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