January 7, 2012

Untried No. 1 - RBL No More War NOTD and a Comparison

Today is the first day of my 2012 Untried Challenge. My first polish up is Rescue Beauty Lounge: No More War. I got this in a swap and I HAD to use. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this color. My Favorite Nail Polish Color is Green and these that are called Baby Puke (lol) are my favorite types of color. It is mind blowing.

I missed out on ordering this back in 2010 when RBL had their end of year 50% off sale. Soon after that sale I cut my hand and dropped out of polish for awhile. In the time of my absence from polish the color was discountinued. I have to say this was my biggest regret of all time. 

After much waiting and searching, I was able to obtain this in a swap.  I have to say as of right now this is my favorite color in my collection of about 320 polishes. 

On to the pictures...

YUMMY for me :) 

It's a gorgeous green with a slight yellowish tint. A true Beauty all around.

I also decided to do a comparison with Zoya Dree as I myself was curious what the difference was.

Sorry for the messy swatch :) As you can see the colors are not even close. The Zoya is a true army green and the RBL is more yellow and deep.

For those of you that are interested, I am closely approaching 200 followers. My giveaway will be posted as soon as the 200th follower appears. Stay tuned! 

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