January 29, 2012

Untried No. 4 - Manglaze Matte is Murder & Salley Hansen Diamond Dust.

I found this beauty several years back in a Dollar Tree. Yes, you heard me correctly a Dollar Tree. I paid 1$ for this, and it was an amazing find! 

 I know I have heard many of us say that our Dollar Tree's never have anything good, well mine was the same way. I went time after time, hoping one day something magical would show up. Then, it happened. I stumbled upon this, and some others SH glitters. I've never found anything good there since. Maybe one day I will again, and maybe I won't lol.

*Essie Fill The Gaps base coat
*2 coats of Manglaze Matte is Murder
*1 coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Dust
*2 coats Gelous 
*1 coat Poshe top coat

This was very tough to film indoors under artificial light. Tomorrow when the sun breaks out I'm going to try and photograph it again and post them here.

I bet tomorrow in the sunlight this thing is going to be stunning!

Thanks for Visiting on another Untried Saturday.


Here's a picture of it in the daylight outside.


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