January 21, 2012

NOTD - Princess Nails :)

Well it's Saturday and I am supposed to have a untried Saturday up and I don't akkkk. I'm going to post it tomorrow instead, so make sure you check back:) 

The reason I am late is we have Kelly's Grandkids here - 3 off them and 2 extra adults so my house is WILD!!!!, but I love it. It is so nice to have them all here. I love a loud house filled with kids laughing and having fun. 
The youngest, Hayden, wanted her nails done so badly. She received a princess press on nail set for Christmas and wanted them on when she got here hehehe. 

Now I'm not good at doing anyone's nails , but my own - so I went for it lol. 

Too cute :) Now keep in mind these were really cheapy kinds that you buy in a toy store type, so they were real bad hahaha. We had a blast putting them on. I made the mistake of sticking them on before filing and it was so hard getting a little one to stay still for filing lol - but so much fun too!  They lasted about 1/2 hour :) she ripped them off  hehehe.

She was so excited that I took pictures too lol.

I had to practically cut the nails in half length wise. I was kinda shocked how long they were especially since they are made for kids - who's making these crazy daggers for little kids lol - and of course I couldn't cut them too short and cut into the pictures like she made sure to remind me of over and over "don't cut into the pictures please" hehehe.

 I showed her how to hold her hand and this was her version. I squealed from the cuteness of this hand pose.


Thanks for visiting guys. Tomorrow I will have my Saturday untried up one day late :) 


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