September 27, 2012

Review of Naild'it Girls Gone Wild in Camo

As promised, here is Orly Buried Alive all blinged out :) I decided to use Naild'it Girls Gone Wild In Camo. I wanted something Fall oriented, and this works perfectly for the look I was going for.

There are so many fun colors in this polish. It's so unique that I'm going to use the description from Naild'it for this one...

Girls Gone Wild in Camo is a loaded glitter nail polish with browns, tans, blacks, greens, with hints of "hunter" orange, and everything girly pinks and reds... and last but not least gun metal (of course).

The color is unlike anything else I have. 

Sometimes people complain that indies can start to all look the same after a while, but this one stands on it's own for me.

How pretty is this?! I love the pinks so much more than I expected I would in this combo. I think it's perfect for a Fall look, even with the pinks added. The gorgeous green and orange glitters make it very Fall like for me.

Just so you guys know, my pics above only have one thin coat of Grand Central Station top coat. I got so excited, I took pics before I put on my final top coat of Seche Vite to smooth it all out (rookie mistake lol). I usually do one thin coat of Grand Central Station, one thin coat of Seche Vite, and one last THICK coat of Seche Vite. It works for me for getting a smooth glass finish with no 'shrinkage' that Seche Vite is famous for (when polish pulls away from the free edge and looks like the ends are worn). It's now 100% smooth on me with no shrinkage - yippee!!!

What do you guys think? Is this polish drool worthy for you guys - Yeah or Nay?

Naild'it is currently going through a transition to sales on Llarowe. Follow Naild'it on Facebook for sale dates and locations.

*Girls Gone Wild in Camo was sent to me for my honest review*

September 26, 2012

Orly Buried Alive

Today I have on probably one of my new favorite polishes EVER, Orly's Buried Alive. I didn't go out specifically looking for this polish, I just happened to get lucky and get this in the clearance section at Sally's Beauty Supply. It was on clearance for 2.99$ USD, and the sales associated used my Sally's Card and ended up discounting it further. It was under 2.00$ USD!!! This was the deal of a lifetime. I will never over look the clearance section at Sally's Beauty Supply again lol.

This is a beautiful polish. It has a gold shimmer in it that is to die for! Unfortunately, it does have it's down sides. It was really difficult to apply for me. The formula was a very very thick consistency.  I had to thin this polish a lot to get it to be workable for me. I used over 10 drops of thinner, which is a lot of thinner for one time use on a polish. Once I gave it a good shake after adding the thinner it was  a bit easier to apply, but still not perfect. The first coat is VERY streaky, but it does evens out in two coats. I was able to get most of the brush strokes to vanish. The picture above is one thin coat and one thicker coat to finish it off.

As much as this was difficult to apply, I am still in love with this polish and it is still in my new favorites list of all time. The color is that stunning! 

In most lighting you can see that stunning gold shimmer. This polish is like mind blowing!!! I can not rave about it enough, even with it's terrible formula. It's the perfect chocolate color. 

I usually cover polishes up right away with a glitter indie, but I'm leaving this one alone for at least until tomorrow. Have no fears, I will add a Indie Glitter to it so stay tuned for an update to this manicure lol...

Does you guys like this? I love brown polishes on my skin tone and I honestly can say this is the best brown I have found to date, do you guys agree?

September 25, 2012

400 Facebook Likes Giveaway!!

Sorry this one is so late. I am trying to play catch up with all the pictures I took prior to my surgery ...

This giveaway is to celebrate 400 Likes on ThePolishHoochie Facebook Page. I'm really enjoying being part of the Facebook family of nail bloggers, and you guys really make it fun and exciting, so this is a thank you for my Facebook followers.

As you all now, I'm new to the Giveaway thing and I am learning as I go along. Since this one is a FACEBOOK giveaway, the option to follow my blog won't be an option. This is just for my Facebook Followers :) 

I wanted to do something different and fun. So this giveaway is PARTY NAILS. 

* 1 set of Kiss Nail Dress Nail Decals in Jeweled Strips
*1 Bottle of Sally Hansen Gem Crush Bling-Tastic
(1 winner) and it is international.

I absolutely ADORE the Kiss Nail Dress Strips. I reviewed them way back, and I have to say they are the best strips I used to date. There was no lifting and they lasted forever it seemed. Here is my review on them in case you want to check it out HERE. This set has that same raised 3D effect on the jewels. It is so super pretty. I also added in a bottle of Gem Crush in a matching color if you want to do an accent nail with the strips, or just one Nail Dress accent nail (the set lasts a long time like that).

Super Fun and Blingy!

I did notice a lot of cheaters on my last give away. Please note that I comb threw EVER entry, and I delete duplicates as well as people who say they are followers and SHARE the giveaway, when they actually have done nothing. YOU MUST BE A FACEBOOK FOLLOWER to participate in this giveaway. It's important to fill out all parts of the rafflecopter, so your entry does not get deleted. 

There is only ONE entry per person. If you share the giveaway and do not provide the URL link, that single entry will be deleted. Sorry to be so much of a stickler, but it's only fair to those that follow the rules. 

I will announce a winner within 48 hours of the close of the giveaway. You will receive an email stating you are the winner, and you will have 24 hours to reply. If not, a new winner will be picked. I can not be responsible if you do not check your email Spam folder, so make sure you double check once the winner is announced. 

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!

September 24, 2012

Bath & Body Works Halloween House

On my last visit to Bath & Body Works, Kelly and I eyed up this really cute Halloween House. He loves Halloween as much as I do. I waited to get a 20% off coupon to make it more affordable. As soon as I had my coupon, we were off to the store and this adorable candle holder came home with us!

This house is FABULOUS!!!! It's really large. The measurements are 10 1/4"h X 9 1/4"w. This retails for $49.50 USD.

This matches perfectly to the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein candle holders that I got earlier last week, which you can see in this post HERE

Here is what the inside looks like once you lift the outer shell which is the house shell. This holds three mini 1.3 oz Candles. What is nice is you don't have to to get three of all the same scent, you can mix and match and create a personalized scent for yourself. 

The top part is open so the candles have a vent area.

Once it is lite up, it really is stunning. Look at the lovely pattern it casts on the wall!

It's SPOOOKTACULAR....sorry I couldn't help myself, I just had to add that lol!

Do you guys like this? Has anyone else picked one of these up?

September 23, 2012

Zoya Gilty Pleasures 18K Gold Top Coat Trio

The pre-order is now available for the Zoya Guilty Pleasures 18K Gold Flake Top Coat Limited Edition Trio Box. 

So many great things about this box set. I see so much potential here.

 I don't have Raven (black), and have always wanted this. What a great plus for me that I don't already own it. I have heard many good things about Raven, and will be glad to get my hands on it finally. 

I also do not have Purity (white). I LOVE white nail polishes, and I can never have too many. We all know how terribly streaky and thick whites can be, so I always like trying new white polishes on the search for that perfect white. I'm anxious to give this one a try.

That takes us to Glitty, and my eyes just love what they see. I don't have a real gold top coat as of yet. You can not be a polish addict and not own at least one real gold polish now can you? I know that OPI is coming out with one soon, but at @$30.00 USD a bottle, I think not. That is a little steep for even this polish lover. For that same price, I can have 3 polishes from Zoya including the 18k top coat.  

I also love the black velvet box. It is so pretty  - I love little collectable items like this. I'm so impressed with this set. My ordering finger is all set to go :) 

Now there are only a limited amount available so grab yours before it's gone. I do not want to have regrets if I miss out on this one.

Are you guys liking this one? Is this a Yea or a Nay for you? 

September 22, 2012

Naild'it Candy Corn

Yesterday was my eye surgery, and I wanted to have on a fun mani to help cheer me up. It's starting to feel like Fall here in Missouri, so I wanted my nails to reflect that. I decided on Naild'it Candy Corn. I picked this one up awhile back and was waiting for the perfect time to use it. 

I was really undecided on a base color for this. I tried a few on a swatch wheel and nothing was feeling right. I decided to go to my trusty MAC Light Affair, when in doubt polish lol. I had this same issue when I swatched out Once Upon a Polish's Queen of Hearts, and MAC Light Affair came to the rescue for me then too. You can see that swatch HERE.

I love how this turned out. 

The colors in this polish are fabulous, and so Fall-like. The glitters are shiny copper penny bronze, mustard yellow, rusty orange, and black. It has both round, hex, and small bar shaped glitters. This polish also contains that large matte dot glitter, that those who follow my blog know I LOVE. I also noticed that this has large matte hex shaped white glitter as well, bonus. I'm a sucker for chunky glitters in a polish. The larger glitter do not show in the bottle shot below, but can be seen in the swatch pictures.

This polish is so super bling bling. Yeah, I said 'bling bling', lol!!!

I feel like this polish was just perfect for kicking off the Fall season for me, which is my favorite part of the year. I love all the earth tone colors of Fall, the smell of fireplaces starting to burn, the fresh crisp smell of the air outside and Halloween approaching.

Check out the big white matte hex glitter in the close up below that I mentioned above. You can also see a small peek of the large matte round glitter in the bottm right hand corner of my picture. Gahhh, I just love it!

What do you guys think? What polishes are you going to use to kick off Fall?

September 18, 2012

Naild'it Fall Flowers

I wanted to let you guys know what has been happening in the life of ThePolishHoochie. First, I added new page tabs (look up lol). Just some fun stuff to try an improve things around here some. I also want to create a new page header, so that is coming up as well.
Also, I announced this on Facebook and wanted to share this here too for those of you that don't use Facebook. I won't be doing a lot over the next week or so. I have eye surgery scheduled for Thursday. Long story short, it's a stye gone bad that I have to have removed. I had this done on my right eye earlier in the year, and unfortunately the same thing developed on my left eye. The surgery was pretty traumatic the first time around, so I kinda know what to expect this time around.

All the giveaways will go as planned (every 200 followers here and every 100 likes over at Facebook) they will just take me a little extra time to get up and together. The glare of the PC hurts my eye a lot, so I do things in stages. Hopefully I heal up fast and I will get things back on track as fast as I can.

 On to the nails....

Lucky I had this polish already swatched, and can share it with you all now. Today I have a super sweet polish from Naild'it. I purchased this on Naild'it's last restock on Etsy.  The flower glitters got me lol. 

This is 3 coats on it's own. 

This is super shiny and pretty. It has an awesome golden shimmer that I am in love with. These are the perfect colors for fall. I love the flower glitters too. I did not have to fish for them, they easily stuck to the brush, but I did have to place them. Usually larger glitters are best placed. 

I love the small black glitter spread through out this as well, it makes it look so fall like to me...does that make sense lol.

I do love it and hope you guys do too. What do you guys think about this one, love to hear things both positive and negative.

See you guys soon :)

September 17, 2012

600 Blog Followers Giveaway!!

Tonight is the night guys - the 600 Blog Followers giveaway is here!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support :) 

The prize this time is:

*1 full sized bottle of Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones

*1 full sized bottle of Sinful Colors Mesmerize (Deep Purple)

*1 full sized bottle of Sinful Colors Bikini
 (one winner only)

This giveaway is International :) 

 I figured I would add some base colors that you can use with Sticks 'n Stones

 Have fun and Good Luck :) 

September 16, 2012

Bath and Body works Fall Festival

I mentioned on Facebook that I would be going to the Bath and Body Works Fall Festival at White Barn that was held yesterday September 15th, 2012. 

With any home fragrance purchase, you received a free gift that was worth 11$. I was excited to find out what the free gift was.

Here is what I actually purchased...

 TOO CUTE - HUH??? I saw these and I just had to have lol. I bought The Bride of Frankenstein, and Kelly bought Frankenstein.

 Cost: $6.50 USD each

They are adorable and I can not wait to start using them. 

Now on to the free gift....

It's a 4 oz Small Candle that usually retails for $9.50 USD, in Pumpkin Carvings - a new scent for Fall.

 It's yummy and I can not wait to start burning this one. I'm currently burning Creamy Pumpkin, so this will be a nice change, while still staying with a Fall scent. 

Did you guys get your free candles?

September 15, 2012

300 Facebook Likes Giveaway!!!

Tonight I have an awesome giveaway to celebrate 300 Likes on ThePolishHoochie Facebook page! This giveaway is being sponsored by Trelly's M.I.S.C. Polish.

There will be one prize (one winner) of the following:

1 Full Size Bottle of Spiked Witch's Brew
1 Full Size Bottle of LE Polish Witches In the Sky
1 Full Size Bottle of Oogie Boogie 

**Witches in the Sky was created for this giveaway, and as of now this is the only place it is available**

This giveaway is for US residents only. 

The giveaway will end on Oct 1, 2012 - This way I am able to get the winner these polishes in time for Halloween!

The winner will be contacted within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway via email. You will then have 24 hours to reply. I can not be responsible for emails that get sent to your Spam folders in email. Please make sure you check your Spam folders!!! 

If you have any questions please email me at

Here are closeups of the polishes ....



Thanks so much for visiting and GOOD LUCK!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

September 14, 2012

Trelly's M.I.S.C. Watermelon Rind-Stone

I was hoping to get my nails done tonight, and I finally was able to do it :) Tonight I have on Trelly's M.I.S.C Watermelon Rind-Stone. I absolutely love the names that are used by Trelly's. How cute is that name?!! You can find this polish on Etsy HERE.

I decided to layer this over black. 

Please Note: this polish contains black bar glitter, and because I used black as a base you are not able to see the black bar glitter. I promise to re-use this in the future on a lighter color to actually be able to see the black bar glitter.

This is two coats of Wet n Wild Black with 2 dabbed coats of Watermelon Rind-Stone.  I did thin this polish. I love Indie's when they are thick, it gives you the opportunity to make the consistency to your liking. I have seen many complain that a lot of Indie polish are too thick, and I have yet to understand this as a compliant lol.

I adore the square pink glitters in this.  It just makes it look so fun. There are no taco glitters in any of the Trelly's I have used so far, including this one - loving that!

This is so very sparkly and does remind me of rhinestones, so it has the perfect name lol.

This brand has quickly made it in my top favorites of Indies. Currently my top 3 favorite (in no particular order) are Naild'it, Trelly's and Candy Lacquer. 

What are your thoughts on this one? I love to hear what you guys have to say!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

September 12, 2012

Trelly's M.I.S.C Shark Bait

Tonight I have a FABULOUS polish to show you guys. This is Trelly's M.I.S.C Polish Shark Bait. I ran across her shop just browsing around, and I am so glad I did. The owner of the company, Cassie, is a super sweet lady that makes wonderful polishes. Her shop can be found at Etsy HERE. These polishes are not to missed. She is a newer Indie maker and I feel like I hit a jackpot running across her store. I placed an order for 4 polishes, and Shark Bait was one of them. I'm in love with this polish!! 

These are like Galaxy nails in a bottle!!! This is two coats of Shark Bait over 2 coats of Essie's Baubing for Baubles.  I did thin this one, but I usually do all my Indies. 

I love the name, it makes me think of JAWS lol. Oops I'm dating myself hahaha.

I'm more than pleased with this polish, and I'm so excited that I ordered others. I also have ordered some of her Halloween Polish, so you guys will see more of this brand from me! Let the mailman stalking begin!

This is one of those polishes that you have to be very careful when you are driving. I can't stop staring at them, especially when the sun hits them lol. 

Again, this polish and her others can be found at Trelly M.I.S.C polish on Etsy HERE.

If you guys don't see a color up on the shop, just send her an Etsy mail :)

What do you guys think of this one? Do you love it as much as I do? I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

September 10, 2012

200 Likes Facebook Giveaway!

Here is another giveaway for you all :) I hit 200 followers on Facebook and I'm really excited about it. Thanks for everyone's dedication to my page :)

This giveaway IS International. The prize is 1 set of 4 bottles of Wet n Wild RIP Polishes, just in time for Halloween! I purchased these items myself at Ulta, and they are brand new. 

The Set Includes:

 - Go With the Glow (Glows in the Dark)
- Once Upon a Time
- Nail in the Coffin (Black Glitter)
 and Rest in Pieces (Deep Purple Glitter)

This giveaway will end 9/19/2012. I will email the winner within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway, and you will have 24 hours to response. If you do not respond, another winner will be picked. Make sure it's not in your Spam folders (I can not be responsible if your email goes to SPAM). If you have any questions you can leave a comment here or email me at

A little picture for those that want to share it in your Blog Sidebars :) 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

September 9, 2012

Lots of fun stuff :) Please read me

I'm back from my birthday weekend. My surprise birthday trip was to St. Louis (2 hours from me). It was super fun! The day of my Birthday we spent the whole day at the Zoo. My SO knows me so well, I loved it. I moved here from NY to the Mid-West about 7 years ago, and every time we travel to St Louis I ALWAYS say we should go to the Zoo. So, this was the perfect gift :) I stayed in an awesome hotel for 2 nights, and also had an amazing Birthday dinner. Lots of Fun!!! 

After my Birthday is done, my head usually jumps right to Halloween which is my FAVORITE of all Holidays lol.  There are tons of Indie polishes coming out, and it's a whirlwind of ordering for me. Tomorrow is Trelly's M.I.S.C at 12noon CST. Mark your calendars guys. This is the set I have most anticipated this Halloween. There are 10 polishes in her set and she has posted bottle shots for most of them on her blog. Check a few of them out below...

(Please note - all photo's are courtesy of Trelly's M.I.S.C blog).

Spiked Witch's Brew

Ghost in Grandma's Attic

 Cauldron Bubble

Trick or Trelly

The rest can be seen on her blog HERE with nail wheel swatches too :) I can not wait to get my hands on these. Mark your calendars girls, I ain't missing these :) 

Also, since I'm all excited about Trelly's my next swatches here will be her polishes that I currently have - Shark Bait, Sunset Boat Ride, Love Always Shines and Watermelon Rind-Stone. Please stay tuned for those. 

I also have a ton of new Naild'it polishes that I will be swatching!! So you wanna watch for those as well. It will be very busy here at ThePolishHoochie :) 

I also have 2 giveaway's going. One that runs to the end of the month for 400 Blog Followers HERE and the next (which will be up soon) is for 200 Facebook Likes at ThePolishHoochie Facebook. Both giveaways will be post here in my left sidebar where I will house all the current PolishHoochie Giveaways going at one time.

Phewwww - that was a lot. Thank you for reading!

September 7, 2012

It's a Party - Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker!

Today is a great day!!!  It is September 8th, and that means it is my Birthday, (*Dances happily around the room*).
As you read this, I am somewhere celebrating my birthday. The reason I say 'somewhere', is because my significant other said he was talking me away for the weekend and to pack my bags  on the 7th (a surprise!!!).  We will not be returning unit the 9th. I have no idea where we are going lol! 

I wanted you guys to have something to see while I was away. I will have my ipad and iphone, but I can not post blog posts from either, too much work hahahaha.  I 'will' be following my comments here and my Facebook :)

For my birthday I am celebrating with Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker. It kind of reminds me of confetti cake in addition to a jawbreaker :)

Pretty pretty! I wanna lick my fingers hehehe. This is three coats (no underwear). 

I thought this would be so much fun to wear for my mystery birthday weekend! 

Thanks for Visiting, and I will be back next week with some awesome new polishes!


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