October 22, 2012

Rainbow Polish Monarch

I actually did this manicure Sunday morning in my hotel room and I did it in like 5 minutes. I didn't do any cleanup and it was rush rush. I lost track of time and had no choice but to rush it out. We needed to get on the road, and I did not want to delay things if I could help it. Things aren't always so perfect, and it's not up to my regular standards, but I still wanted to share it with you all. Things can't always be perfect lol. 

I knew I wanted to use purple as a base when I purchased this. The sample swatch that was shown on the Rainbow Polish Etsy Store HERE used purple, and for this one I wanted to duplicate the look. 

This is two coats of BB Couture Joker (the perfect purple for Halloween) and one coat of Rainbow Polish Monarch. I love the way the colors pop against the purple background. This polish would also be awesome over a white base.

I loved the consistancy of this polish. It was really easy to work with and gave me no issues. I was greatful, since I was such in a rush to have to apply it. 

Rainbow polishes are my new indie obsession, I really do love them. I have several others, including Pheasant that I won on their Facebook contest so you guys will be seeing more of these. 

These glitters lay so flat, and I was really pleased with the polish over all. I only have a really thin coat of Seche Vite on these, I didn't have time for much more, and it feels very smooth. 

Thanks for visiting tonight. I'm hoping that I can get a second post up tonight. I'm trying real hard to get all my Halloween polishes up before the 31st, but I make no promises lol.


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