August 27, 2010

Models Own Emerald City and some fun added stuff!

I got a lot going on today here at The PolishHoochie :) A bunch of fun stuff that I added to my Homepage, and Pictures of Models Own: Emerald City. Here is a breakdown:

 I added a Twitter button in my left side bar.  If you wanna follow me on Twitter, just click the cute little birdy.  He looks like this:

OMG is he not adorable OR What lol :)

  You can then follow me on Twitter.  Heads up: I do not Tweet a lot.  I'm not on there ever day, every minute, but if you are curious to when I am - Just follow along by clicking the little birdy :)

Next, I wanted to let those involved in Swag Bucks that it's "Swag Bucks Friday" today (Extra Swag Bucks earned today).  If you missed my post on Swag Bucks check it out HERE.  It's where you earn money for using there search engine and where I have been getting free polish with my credits: ) You can earn free money for nail polish.  I now have enough for an Gift Card for 5$ to add to the 10$ in Paypal Credit I have already gotten. 15$ in free gift certificates and cash in under a month. I also wanted to say THANKS to all those that signed up. For those doing Swag Bucks I have now added a Widget all the way at the bottom of my blog that will give you hints to Swag Codes. Just scroll ALLLLL the way down and you will see it.

  Also or Swag Bucks, they have an awesome tool bar in the "tools" section that gives you up to the minute codes as well. 

and FINALLY (lol) - Models Own Emerald City  

I actually placed an order months ago for these and I'm so glad I did. This color is BEYOND amazing. Emerald City. To me it flash both green and blue - depending on the light. I took some in direct Sunlight and some in Shade.  I identified Sun and Shade on the pictures so it's clear.  

How Gorgeous is this.  Pics of this is tough. I know in some I look a little "orange" but if you have the color off it looks blue, so there is no way to avoid it. I rather the polish have an accurate color more than my skin LOL. It's a very flashy bright green for sure. Like a Shamrock green - MONEY green and I apologize I did my best on the pics, just add more true green :)

Now for some Shade Shots

I LOVE THIS POLISH. Hope you guys love this polish as much as I do.  Remember you have til midnight to order Models Own at 50% off til Midnight (check Facebook for correct time zones). It's a great time to grab one up for yourself if you don't own this. The Code is: FACEBOOK50 to be used at checkout. 

Thanks for visiting!!!


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