March 26, 2012

Salon Style Real Nail Polish Strips

I know it's been forever since I posted, but the past two weeks I have been preparing for out of town guests, and it makes it near impossible to be taking time out to do my nails when I'm totally reorganized and cleaning ever square inch of my house from top to bottom (including the basement and garage). I beat up on my nails so bad, it just didn't make sense to polish them at all. They would not last 5 minutes on my none stop 2 week mad cleaning spree lol.

Since the cleaning spree is over, today I decided to try a new brand of nail polish strips. I loved the Kiss Nail Dress so much, I needed to try another brand to see how it really compared. I went on the search and found these beauties at Walgreens for a mere $ 3.99. The Sally's brand are $9.99 and the Kiss are $8.99. So when I saw the Salon Style Real Nail Polish Strips were half price, I just had to give them a try.

First the reason they are half price is that you only get 12 strips, versus 20 strips in the Kiss/Sally's designs. I am okay with that. I didn't want to apply them to my toes and once I do a pattern like this, I hate to repeat it too soon afterwards, so it was the perfect amount of strips for me . My wallet was happier too lol. But I did notice they are thinner and these would definetly need a top coat, where as the Kiss were left without the top coat.


The application was pretty much the same as the Kiss design, but since these strips were slightly thinner, a more delicate hand was needed. Nothing that I couldn't adjust to.

I love how they turned out. I'm really loving the nail polish strips lately. They are so easy to apply and there is no dry time, you just can't beat that.

Also, these designs on the Salon Style do not have that raised 3D effect that the Kiss designs had, but they still are very pretty.

I used OPI Chip Skip to prep my nails, so the stickers adhere better. Your nails should have no residue of any sort on them before applying these nail polish strips.

I will get back to you on how they wear. The Kiss Nail Dress went a full 10 days with no problems (no top coat). I was so shocked. They looked almost brand new when I peeled them off on  the 10th day. These I will have to apply a top coat too, but I'm hoping for the same type of wear.

Do any of you use nail polish strips, and if so - which brand? Let me know about them in the comments below.

Thanks for visiting.


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