November 12, 2011

OPI Route Beer Float

As promised. I got my nails done before the end of this week. Yipeee *Happy Dance*.  Now since I haven't done my nails at all since January of the beginning of this year when I cut my finger bad, I realized I'm wayyyy behind on all the new 'IT' nail polishes and anything new in general lol.  I decided to bring out an old school HTF polish that I have in my stash that I thought would be perfect for the FALL :) 

Please do not look too close at my cuticles or my polish job. This is the first time I have touched them in many many months so the cuticles are going to take some time to bounce back.  I'm going to have to work on my polishing job. This is not like riding a bike, it takes time to get good at painting your nails and lots of practice. In some pics you can tell the cuticles are really red from me poking at them after them not being touched for so long.

I NEVER cut my cuticles but there were 1 or 2 spots that I just had no choice. I figure in a few weeks after I make cuticle oil and creams regular again they will drastically improve.

Now for .....OPI - Route Beer Float

I got this in a swap a long long long time ago. I'm talking years ago  - at least 2 years back.  I don't even remember who I got it from.  I wish I had kept better records. From now on when I acquire a HTF I will be keeping notes.

My fingers are a bit shiny in some shots cuz I have drying drops on. I was so excited that I finally got my nails painted again - I JUST HAD to take pics right away - I could NOT wait lol.

 I got a little small window of opportunity today to run outside on my deck and get some shots outside. It was so windy out there and overcast - I did what I could :) The light wasn't the best at times. It was changing so quickly.

I was trying to get the sun and got shiny finger shots instead lol.

I have to say I love this color.  It was tough to capture, but it's a beautiful deep brown. In some bright light I swear  I almost seem to catch a purple look, and when I look closer its back to looking fully brown lol.  It is soooo super pretty.  In has a vintage look to me.  In Indoor light it's just a gorgeous deep brown. 

I just think this is the perfect fall brown. It reminds me of fall and the brown leaves on all the trees.  It also makes me think of Thanksgiving - so I just thought this was perfect for this week.

I took a ton of pictures - Can you tell I was excited to finally paint my nails again lol!

I even took some pictures inside to show you the different color casts. Plus it was so windy while I took my outside shots I was sure none of those would actually come out haha. I took them near a window to try and get the natural color of the polish.

Thanks so much for visiting today. I think you guys are going to start seeing more of me lol. Now that my nails are polished I can't even imagine how I could have gone so long with bare nails.


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