April 17, 2010

New Camera and Happily Ever After Mani

I'm so excited - My New Camera came today!!!! I have been so happy ever since lol.  I was discussing it with rmcandlelight and she gave me the most wonderful idea to match my manicure to my camera :) I went threw my stash and the I came up with is Orly's Happily Ever After.  How perfect is that name for what I am feeling. It's really close and it was really fun doing this.  Okay enough of my crazy yap yap lol. On to the the pictures. These pictures are all taken with my old camera.

I love the little glass slipper charm that comes with this.  Extreme cuteness. The above is three coats. Here a a bunch of Random shots of it as well.

Above check out the hidden shimmer in this polish. Click on the picture above to get a better view. You can see it in the bottle along side the letter O. You can see it in the polish as well.

And here's my new baby lol.  It is past gorgeous and prettier than I could have ever imagined.  It is the most gorgeous purple/pink :)

Hope you all liked the Mani and The Camera.  I haven't learned to master the manual controls yet of the new camera, but as soon as I do we will get some new pics :)

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