September 23, 2012

Zoya Gilty Pleasures 18K Gold Top Coat Trio

The pre-order is now available for the Zoya Guilty Pleasures 18K Gold Flake Top Coat Limited Edition Trio Box. 

So many great things about this box set. I see so much potential here.

 I don't have Raven (black), and have always wanted this. What a great plus for me that I don't already own it. I have heard many good things about Raven, and will be glad to get my hands on it finally. 

I also do not have Purity (white). I LOVE white nail polishes, and I can never have too many. We all know how terribly streaky and thick whites can be, so I always like trying new white polishes on the search for that perfect white. I'm anxious to give this one a try.

That takes us to Glitty, and my eyes just love what they see. I don't have a real gold top coat as of yet. You can not be a polish addict and not own at least one real gold polish now can you? I know that OPI is coming out with one soon, but at @$30.00 USD a bottle, I think not. That is a little steep for even this polish lover. For that same price, I can have 3 polishes from Zoya including the 18k top coat.  

I also love the black velvet box. It is so pretty  - I love little collectable items like this. I'm so impressed with this set. My ordering finger is all set to go :) 

Now there are only a limited amount available so grab yours before it's gone. I do not want to have regrets if I miss out on this one.

Are you guys liking this one? Is this a Yea or a Nay for you? 


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