August 21, 2013

Zoya Satin Swatches - Fall 2013

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Tonight I have swatches of the New Zoya Satin Collection for Fall 2013. I LOVE LOVE these, and I think you will as well.

The best part of this collection is that it includes a Gorgeous Top Coat (Maria Louisa) that works with all of the colors. A+ to Zoya for going with a Glitter Top Coat in this collection.

Keep reading on, and you will see the Glitter To Coat on all of the colors...


This is my favorite of the entire collection. I think it's PERFECT for Fall. The perfect Black. It has a gorgeous silver sheen to it, and I adore it. I am all about dark colors when it comes Fall.

I took this at different angles and lighting so you can see the lovely silver in it. 

I am in love with this color. Thank you to Zoya for creating such a stunning black!

Then to make it fun, I added the Gold Glitter Top Coat that is included in this set for some extra bling! Claudine with MARIA LUISA layered on top.


This was probably the toughest to get an acurate color on. It's a gorgeous Teal/green. Sometimes it leans more Green and other Times more Teal. In the swatch below I had really bright lighting and it looks mostly Teal.

 In deeper/darker lighter it almost looks Emerald Green (below).

 Below it has a nice mix of Green and Teal. It's very VERY unique and I do not have anything else like it in my collection.

 With MARIA LOUISA Top Coat (below). PRETTY PRETTY!!!


This is a beautiful unique color as well. It's a perfect mix of Blue and Purple. Need I say anything more?....WOW!!! I'm pretty right on accurate with the color here, and you can see the lovely Purple Flashes.

If you can only pick a few polishes from this collection, make NEVE one of them.

This is a STUNNING polish!!!! I gasped when I put it on lol!

With the MARIA LOUISA Glitter Top Coat. This combination with the top coat was my favorite!


This one was very difficult to capture. It really leans more Cooper Penny than Orange like it's showing here.

This is definitely cooper penny look on this one with slight orange.

It's very very unique and very very pretty.

I did not swatch the Glitter Top Coat on this becasue I felt it wouldn't show enough. 


This is a really stunning Fuschia Pink...But it also has flashes of purple. I have to say Zoya has really made a bunch of complex colors for this set.

It's loud and bright,and it's so me. I'm very loud and bright lol.

Is this not stunning or WHAT!!!

You can really see the purple flash in the above picture.

With the MARIA LOUISA Glitter Top Coat.

This is really beautiful with the flaky gold Top Coat.

Even though this was probably the hardest set to photograph for me, I truly love them. Zoya has really stepped up their game with these very complex Fall colors.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!
These polishes are available at 

Press Sample


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