August 31, 2013

Barielle Nude and Naughty Fall 2013 Collection Swatches

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Today I'm excited to show you guys this new collection from Barielle. It's the Nude and Naughty collection. These polishes retail for $8.00/bottle or $25.00 for the entire box collection shown below.

I usually do not wear nude nail polishes, they never interested me in the past. Today, Barielle has converted me for good!! At first glance I just assumed this was just another boring set of nudes. WOW, was I wrong.  Never judge a polish that way, I should know better. As I swatched these, I was more and more impressed as I went along. I'm totally in love with this collection now!

This is a very very pale nude color. I consider myself super pale and it was even lighter than my skin tone. What I love about this shade is it made me look like I have a tan! This one is coming away with me on my birthday weekend getaway next week at or Lake Condo.

This is 3 coats. The formula was a tad bit thick for me. It reminded me of a 'white' polish formula (that tend to be thicker), but it did level out in coat 3

This is slightly darker than Very Bare, and is also a super beautiful nude. This color complimented my natural skin tone. I love this color and it made my hands look beautiful.

This is 3 coats and the formula on this was the same as Very Bare, slightly thicker, but levels well on the 3rd coat. If I had to wear just nudes for work, this would become a staple for me.

I'm loving this next color. My husband may not like the name (lol), but I like it!!!This is not your ordinary nude. It has a beautiful subtle shimmer as well.

It has a yummy carmel color for the Fall. The formula on this one was excellent. It was a flawless application and covered in 2 coats.

Look at that gorgeous subtle shimmer (above).

This polish is STUNNING!!! If you can only purchase one of the set, this should be it. It's jaw dropping!

Can you see the gold shimmer hidden in this. WOW!!! This is 2 coats and the formula is perfect and pretty much applies itself!

 This polish is fabulous so make sure you don't pass this one up. The gold flash is gorgeous and easily seen on the nail in all lighting conditions. Again, if I was forced to wear nudes for work (where many of us are), I would not be wthout this.

This one is my favorite of the collection. The color on this is so complex. It's a wonderful mix between brown and olive green. I see olive green in it!!! I know yo can see it too!

This formula was also flawless, and this is 3 coats. It's gets a deep brown in darker lighting (below)..

This is the PERFECT Fall color and I will have a hard time taking this one off.  Now in brighter light look how it turns more Olive (below)...

Overall this collection is a MUST for Nude lovers. I don't have anything negative to say about this set, and this is from a person that dislikes nudes  That says a lot right there. 

You can purchase these on the BARIELLE WEBSITE as of September, 1 2013

Press Sample


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