August 15, 2013

Julep Hand Scrub Review

Purchased by Me

Tonight I would like to do a quick review on Julep's Glycolic Hand Scrub. I received this sample in one of my past Maven boxes. To me a hand scrub is essential. It helps to remove dead skin after the use of a cuticle remover and helps to soften the sensitive skin around your nails and nail beds.

The consistency is a typical scrub. I like this one because it's not too harsh. It has a nice feel to it which is strong enough to get the job done, but not too scratchy for sensitive cuticles. It contains 10% glycolic acid and makes your hands so soft after just one use!

I use this all over my hands. It's even gentle enough to use on your face, according to the Julep web site.

I also like to use a scrub when I swatch polishes here on the blog. When you swatch a polish sometimes small bits of the polish remain on your skin after you remove it, and it can be very messy if you are wanting to swatch another polish right after. I use the scrub in between polishes changes and it makes my fingers feel and look fresh for each polish change.

 The scrub retails for $23.00 and the Maven price is $18.40. I know that seems like a high price, but you only use a small amount for each use. You can also take advantage of discount codes or sales and grab a tube for a reasonable price.

I love this scrub and will be purchasing a full size bottle for sure. 

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Purchased by Me


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