November 22, 2012

Monster Mash in November lol

This afternoon I have another fabulous Candy Lacquer Polish to show you guys. This was part of the Halloween 2012 collection and is named Monster Mash :) 

I'm actually at work right now. I started back at work yesterday and today will probably be our busiest day ever. I wanted a cute polish for the day since a lot of people see my hands at my job. I have all fall colors on for Thanksgiving, so this combo was perfect!

The base color is three coats of Kelly Green from Claire's. This is a fabulous jelly polish. It kind of reminds me of a lighter version of Nars Zulu. It is not  as black green as Zulu, it's a Kelly green. Plus, it's my hubby's name (Kelly) so how can I get any more perfcet then that lol.

Many of us in the U.S will be spending the tonight pre cooking for Thanksgiving. I work til 6PM, but I too will be over my stove this evening baking and prepping dishes as soon as I get home. I do not wear polish during cooking (this will come off just before I start cooking so I can enjoy it at work all day).

Polish and cooking should never be mixed. There is too great a chance that something will get into the food. Especially with a fine glitter polish like this, one glitter can ruin a meal lol. 

Check out this pretty close up of the glitters in this polish...

After I finish cooking tonight, I will then put on my polish of choice for Thanksgiving day. I do not do any food prepping on Thanksgiving day itself. All of my dishes are pre done in the refrigerator the days before and then just pop them in the oven. Kelly carves the turkey and does the last minute prep stuff (slicing bread, warming graving etc) so I will have polish on for Thanksgiving Day. It shouldn't pose a health hazard or anything hahaha. Stay tuned to see what it is.... 

What do you guys plan on wearing for Thanksgiving and Black Friday? I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.

November 20, 2012

Candy Lacquer Nail of the day...

As most of you know, I'm pretty much obsessed with Candy Lacquer Nail polishes. I own so many, I have lost count lol. As you many of you know, I'm continuing on with my Halloween/Fall polishes until the end of November.

Today is one of my favorites so far. This quickly pushed into my top rated polishes for Candy Lacquer. This is Candy Lacquer Witches' Brew. The base color I used is OPI's Vampire State Building, one of my favorite older black label OPI's. This is two coats OF VSB with two coats of Witches' Brew on top. 

To me, this reminds me of a gorgeous wine. It was stunning to say the least. The glitters in this are a fine matte orange, true purple and black. Once I added this over the wine color of VSB, it was really amazing. This just shouted fall colors to me! 

This is definitely not just a Halloween Polish as you can see above. I am so glad I added this to my collection before it was gone. Since Halloween is passed, it's unfortunately not being sold anymore.

This polish was a little on the thick side, so I did thin it with 5-6 drops of nail polish thinner.

These type of polishes look so pretty close up. I love how each color stands out on it's own. 

So what do you guys think of this one? Good or Bad? And if you hate, please let me know why? Love to hear everyon's thougts. 

Also, please stay tuned for another post mid day tomorrow. I do have work and a TON of Thanksgiving Day cooking to do tomorrow, but regardless I will still have fun nails to see!

November 18, 2012

Dual Purpose Nails - Candy Lacquer Bad Moon

Hi Guys,

I'm here with NAILS finally :) I want to thank you all again for being so faithful and patient. Tomorrow, Kelly and I are going to a Football Game :) He has made such great progress, this will be a real treat for him. He is supposed to be doing a lot of walking for his rehab, so the Stadium will be the perfect place for us to keep up with his required daily walking that we do every day. 

I'm a BIG NFL Jets fan (I'm originally from New York), so when the JETS come here to the Mid-West they can not be missed lol. Kelly got me the tickets for my birthday in early September, and we both decided we are still going. The only thing I have to do is make sure he is fed before the game, because all that greasy yucky stadium food is a big no-no. We are both healthy eaters to begin with, so we usually skip stadium food as a rule of thumb anyway.

I wasn't sure how to pick up here at the blog since I have been absent so long, but with the help of YOU GUYS (on Facebook) you helped me to decide I'm going to just pick up where I left off. I will be doing Halloween/Fall polishes until the end of November. Then, December 1st I will switch over to Christmas Polishes. 

My Halloween polish for today (lol - strange to say in Mid November) is Bad Moon from Candy Lacquer. It serves as a dual purpose polish for my Jets game too. It's my teams colors of white, black and green! The base coat is 2 coats of My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI. 

(please note - My trial version of Photoshop Elements 11 has expired, and I will be purchasing it soon, so my normal graphics are on a small Hiatus lol). 

I love how this turned out. I did not have to fish for the moons at all. Moons are my signature logo here at TPH, so you know I freaked out when I saw this polish and had to have it. I also love shredded glitter. 

I have not done my nails since Kelly's Heart Attack on Oct 24th, so do not look too close lol. I did not take care of my cuticles at all during my absence. I just didn't have the time to worry about my nails as Kelly was recovering. All my focus was on him and getting him on his feet again. I will need a little bit of time to get my cuticles looking good again lol.

I'm excited about the Football game tomorrow. Now my nails will look awesome with all my green and white Jets Gear :)

Thanks for visiting guys and stay tuned for some more giveaway postings coming soon. 

November 16, 2012

Giveaway Winners Announced...

700 Facebook Likes Giveaway!!!

Prize: 1 Full Size Bottle KBShimmers Clown Puke 
1 Full Size Bottle Dollish Polish Spectural Pup (Glow in the Dark) 


800 Blog Followers Giveaway 

Prize: 1 Full Size Bottle of Lynnderella Snow Angel 


Both emails have been sent out.  You will have 72 hours to respond. As you all know, My Hubby had a Heart Attack at the end of October and all giveaways where left hanging. I am now playing catch up!

Congrats to both Winners!!!


A quick Update ...I posted this on Facebook and wanted to share it here too!
As most of you know already my SO (now my husband), had a heart attack on Oct 24th. Some really freaking scary stuff. He eats healthy and keeps in shape, never even gets sick...... and then this. I think I was in shock more than anything else. If I hadn't called 911 when I did, he would not be here. His heart stopped 2 minutes after the EMT's arrived. 2 minutes - that's how close it came. We met with the EMT and Paramedic (Mark and Mike) that first responded that night, and they are awesome. After sitting and chatting with them for a whole afternoon, it makes me further realize how blessed I am for Kelly to still be here with us.

Kelly is now doing MUCH better. He has went from not being able to put on shoes and socks himself to now walking, driving again, almost full normal activity again. We both want to thank all of you that sent GET WELL wishes. It was super touching and so appreciated. I feel very blessed to have such sweet and loving followers. Kelly continues to get stronger each day and with his rehab he starts tomorrow - we are well on our way. 12 weeks of bootcamp for him now lol.

The last few days have been finally feeling back to normal for me, some what lol. I'm wanting to get back on track with the blog, and it's been a challenge. I'm so outta of the loop and not even sure how to jump back in ....I was in the middle of Halloween swatching, that I can no longer do. I feel off track and lost :) I have some new fall polishes, so just working it all out in my head now. Any comeback suggestions would be great lol.

Thank so much for your continued support, and keep your eyes open for me. I have a few ideas for my comeback :)

ALSO - I will be announcing winners tomorrow night for my open contests. I had a few that were still open and I will do my best to contact winners for a seriously expired giveaway. Tomorrow I will post about that - try and have that all fixed.

See you guys soon!


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