May 15, 2013

Naild'it Bleeding Love

Press Sample

Today I have another Naild'it polish for you guys. This one I really can't say anything about except maybe, 'WOW'!
You guys have been spoiled this week with a post every day. Tomorrow, I return home from my trip to New York, so It will go back to 2/3 posts a week.  I would love to continue to post every day, but having a job prevents that! Thumbs down to working ..LOL!  Thumbs up for Auto Posts :)
This is 3 coats alone with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat. Bleeding Love is a gorgeous pinkish red, a beautiful mix of the two colors. The glitters are purple, white, red, and pink. This polish contains both Pink and red heart shaped glitters. If you look closely at my index finger you can see a heart glitter. There is also one on my pink finger as well.
I love the jelly type base in this one, it's very shiny and eye catching.
There is a gorgeous shimmer in this one, you can see that above on my pink finger. LOVE THIS.
Here is a close up of this one..
This is a must have for your collections in my opinion.
If you like to purchase Naild'it polish you can find them at or the Naild'it Etsy Store. Follow Naild'it on Facebook to have up to date information on shop opening times and release dates. 


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