August 7, 2013

Zoya Cashmere Swatches

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As promised this is the next new set to expect this Fall 2013 from Zoya. This is the Cashmere Collection

If you are big into cremes, this set is a must have for you. The quality of these cremes are so impressive and surpass 90% of my other cremes that I own. The formula is top notch!

These are all ONE coat. Yes you heard me right, ONE COAT each!!!! that not to die for or what?! This collection is worth it for that alone. I could  have used 2 coats, but these polishes are so pigmented I didn't feel they needed a second coat. I was floored by the flawless coverage. 


First up, is the nude from this collection. I love this color. It's not a match to my skin tone, but it offsets my pale coloring really well. Everyone will want at least this color from the collection. Must have collection color here.

This is a perfect work appropriate nude for those that can't wear color at the workplace.

It went on very smooth with only 1 coat is shown here. I love how smooth and glossy these polishes are. The texture and consistancy is spot on for these. This is like a comfortable pair of Khakis.


This is the PERFECT chocolate brown color. I am one of those odd people  that happen to LOVE browns. Not many are fans of brown, but this one will change your mind for sure. It's like dipping your fingers in a vat of chocolate sauce.

 This one looks even darker in less bright lighting. Look how deep and dark it gets just by changing to darker lighting.

I love love this, and I think you will too. I brightened the light up and look how light it gets. It's fabulous!!!



Another beautiful green, and what a perfect name lol.

I love it and I am thrilled as a green lover to have one this Deep and pigmented. This also gets VERY deep and dark in darker lighting. It's like if Nars Zulu went creme (not as dark tho). Here is is in a darker lighting and it gets even darker. I had some lighting during the day today that almost made it look black green.

Another beauty...


This is a really pretty blue with a hint of purple. Blue colors are very hard to photo. I feel it will be the demise of me one day lol. 

 Here it is in darker lighting (below) and I feel the best representation of the color (the best my camera would allow for). In darker lighting this polish gets black blue colors.


This is my favorite of the entire collection. This is like a Terra Cotta pot color with added red. 

 This is what it looks like in a bright light (below).

In darker lighting, like shown below, it takes on it's true color of wonderful...It's very unique and I do't have another color like this. I suggestion this as another MUST have from this collection.

Finally last ...


A really pretty red in this collection. This is the perfect red.

For one coat is was LOVELY!!!

I know this seems like a typical boring red, but it's not. So bright and *Cough Cough* a ONE coat application :) Need I say more?

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

These polishes are available at 
Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more Fall Zoya colors...

Press Sample


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