January 29, 2012

Untried No. 4 - Manglaze Matte is Murder & Salley Hansen Diamond Dust.

I found this beauty several years back in a Dollar Tree. Yes, you heard me correctly a Dollar Tree. I paid 1$ for this, and it was an amazing find! 

 I know I have heard many of us say that our Dollar Tree's never have anything good, well mine was the same way. I went time after time, hoping one day something magical would show up. Then, it happened. I stumbled upon this, and some others SH glitters. I've never found anything good there since. Maybe one day I will again, and maybe I won't lol.

*Essie Fill The Gaps base coat
*2 coats of Manglaze Matte is Murder
*1 coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Dust
*2 coats Gelous 
*1 coat Poshe top coat

This was very tough to film indoors under artificial light. Tomorrow when the sun breaks out I'm going to try and photograph it again and post them here.

I bet tomorrow in the sunlight this thing is going to be stunning!

Thanks for Visiting on another Untried Saturday.


Here's a picture of it in the daylight outside.

January 27, 2012

ManGlaze Swatches

I finally took the plunge and purchased some ManGlaze polishes, and I'm so glad I did. These polishes are AMAZING!

First up is Mayonnaise or Mayo. This is now my new favorite white in my collection.

This was two coats.

The texture on this was awesome. It applied really easily.

I also added a top coat and this is where this polish just explodes with goodness. 

Check out the sparkly goodness that comes out once you apply a top coat.

Next up is Butt Taco. The name on this one really makes me laugh. I love how fresh and edgy ManGlaze is. 

This is simply gorgeous in Matte form. 

Next is with top coat. 

This is when I really got excited. I never realized these polishes had all this hidden goodness in them.

Finally is Matte is Murder. This is the perfect matte black in my opinion.

Next is with top coat. With top coat there are no words to describe how outrageous this is.

This was so gorgeous I had to keep it on. There was no way I was taking this off lol.

I hope you guys liked these. I will definitely be purchasing more of these. They are just so fabulous.

Also on a side note thier customer service is the bomb! I had a mix up with my package and within 10 minutes of my email with concerns I got a call from Marc from ManGlaze. He was so helpful and so on it. I drove the man crazy thinking my polishes where missing. He handled my hysteria quite well, as I was close to hysterics when I thought my new babies were lost. I was talking real fast and like a cray polish nut that sniffs polish fumes or somethin' hahahaha. He was super sweet and super nice. My silly mail man dropped them at the wrong house. Thank God for good ole mid-westerners and there honesty of returning things. In New York that box would have been GONE and never seen again. If I was brave enough to approach my neighbor asking for a missing package, she would have said she didn't have them as she sported Butt Taco on her toes and fingers, threatening to cut me lol :P

I will be buying more of thier polishes (not only for thier beauty) but for there top notch customer service. Seems like a great company to be tossing my paychecks to LOL!!

Sally's Beauty Savvy Femme Couture Swatches

I'm headed back to Sally's Beauty Supply for more of the Savvy Femme Couture Nail polishes that were marked down to $1.99. Since my Orange Overload Mani, I just had to get more of these beauties.

I picked up 4 more.

Very awesome polishes I have to say.
Here they are swatched on my nails.

(Left to Right - Purple Shock, Ebony Black Nail Art, Red Caviar and Deja Blue)

Check out the Beautiful shimmer in the last 3 polishes.

Red Caviar was the most impressive and shocking once on the nail. 

These are definitely worth a trip to Sally's for.

Thanks for visiting!

January 24, 2012

NOTD - Zoya Veruschuka

Okay so I finally took the dive and purchased a matte nail polish. I never felt like I needed a matte since I have a matte top coat, oh how wrong I was. This stuff is amazing. The formula is outta this world. It stayed wet long enough for me to smooth it out, yet it dries really fast once it's on. This is the perfect polish to get your nails covered when you are in a rush and wanna look fabulous.

I love how this looks on my skin tone - I'm seriously in love with this polish lol. 

 I recently ordered some ManGlaze matte polishes too, so stay tuned for those :) 

Amazing texture on this  too!

Konad Stamping

Before I removed my last mani I decided to attempt  some stamping. I am HORRIBLE at stamping, but I figured if I keep practicing that it will get better eventually, at least that's what I keep telling myself for lol.

  I used Orly Shine, it didn't give a crisp enough stamp. It's probably user error for sure. It wasn't too horrible, so I figured I would show you guys. Maybe I should have named this post Stamping Gone Wild lol.  When Bad Stamping happens to Good People (thanks to Lori for giving me that idea).

Below is the plate I used, since it's impossible to tell what I used with my less than mediocre attempt lol. I used Konad plate M64

Thanks for visiting today.

  PSA: We are so close to 200 Followers!!! I'm stalking the numbers, and as soon as I see it hit 200 I will post about the giveaway - so stay tuned!

January 23, 2012

Untried Saturday No. 3 - Nicole by OPI In Your Hands and NK Royal Blue Frost

My Untried Saturday Mani posted Late :) I tackled 2 untrieds in this one. The Layers are as follows...

*Essie Feed Me
*Essie Sensitivity Base Coat
*Nicole by OPI In Your Hands (3 thin coats - Blue    Jelly)
*NK Royal Blue Frost
*Essie Good to Go
*SV Ultra-V Top Coat

I figured it would be fun to start listing exactly what I use as my base, layers and top coats.

Next is with Flash

Super awesome texture showed up once I layered on the Royal Blue Frost

I got the Royal Blue Frost in a swap a couple of years back. These are my favorite type of polishes. I know there are lots of HTF (Hard to Find) polishes out there that are very popular, but the true treasure are the less known brands just hiding out in your collection. 

What's hiding in your collection? Would love to hear about your Hidden Treasures, leave your thought below in the comments.

January 21, 2012

NOTD - Princess Nails :)

Well it's Saturday and I am supposed to have a untried Saturday up and I don't akkkk. I'm going to post it tomorrow instead, so make sure you check back:) 

The reason I am late is we have Kelly's Grandkids here - 3 off them and 2 extra adults so my house is WILD!!!!, but I love it. It is so nice to have them all here. I love a loud house filled with kids laughing and having fun. 
The youngest, Hayden, wanted her nails done so badly. She received a princess press on nail set for Christmas and wanted them on when she got here hehehe. 

Now I'm not good at doing anyone's nails , but my own - so I went for it lol. 

Too cute :) Now keep in mind these were really cheapy kinds that you buy in a toy store type, so they were real bad hahaha. We had a blast putting them on. I made the mistake of sticking them on before filing and it was so hard getting a little one to stay still for filing lol - but so much fun too!  They lasted about 1/2 hour :) she ripped them off  hehehe.

She was so excited that I took pictures too lol.

I had to practically cut the nails in half length wise. I was kinda shocked how long they were especially since they are made for kids - who's making these crazy daggers for little kids lol - and of course I couldn't cut them too short and cut into the pictures like she made sure to remind me of over and over "don't cut into the pictures please" hehehe.

 I showed her how to hold her hand and this was her version. I squealed from the cuteness of this hand pose.


Thanks for visiting guys. Tomorrow I will have my Saturday untried up one day late :) 

January 18, 2012

New Revlon Display at Kmart with Revlon Whimsical

I finally tracked down a bottle of Revlon Whimsical (dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in The Air) at Kmart. I know some of you have found it, and others are still looking for it.  If you happen to still be looking, here is what the display looks like.  It was large and on the end cap. Sometimes I find it easier to find something if I know what I'm looking for.  So I hope this helps those who are still on the hunt for this polish.

(Sorry for the poor quality of this photo - taken with an ancient I-phone 3S)

Here are the polishes I purchased from that display. There was no resiting these sparkly beauties.

Left to Right: Popular, Scandalous, Stunning, Radiant and Whimsical.

Now, on to some random thoughts I have about Whimsical. Please keep in mind for now I have not used this polish yet. I don't particularly like this color at all. It's too light for me, and I avoided purchasing it for that. I do not buy polishes just because of the 'hype'.

I did have a change of heart recently. I saw a lovely swatch of it over a dark pink polish, and thought it was beautiful. I decided after that I needed it in my collection.

 Hope if you are still looking for Whimsical that you do find it soon. 

January 16, 2012

NOTD - Savvy Femme Couture - Orange Overload

Today's NOTD is Orange Overload by Savvy Femme Couture. I purchased this polish at Sally's Beauty Supply on clearance for just under a few dollars. I have never purchased this brand before, so I decide the price was right to try it out. This orange really caught my eye.

I needed a palette cleanser from all the dark colors I was wearing, but I'm just not ready to jump into the pale shades yet. I like that type polish colors better for Spring. I'm just not ready for the nudes and the pale shades just yet. I'm also very very pale and lighter colors get lost on me. Orange usually is not a popular color, but I just adore it and it's my palette cleanser for today.

I have to say the formula on this was super impressive. I really love thin formula polishes, and this is one of them. I could apply this with my eyes closed :) I applied it in between laundry loads. It dried that fast! The only odd thing was this polish did dry Matte, and I don't believe it's a Matte polish. This was easily fixed with a shiny top coat.

There is visible nail line, but my nails are so short it's hard to tell. I actually like VNL on this color.

I love the name as well - Orange Overload. It sure is orange overload and it's a real beauty.

I would love your thoughts on this one. A lot of times we wear colors that appeal to our own eye, but others see them as not so pretty. You won't hurt my feelings - fire away!


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