January 24, 2012

NOTD - Zoya Veruschuka

Okay so I finally took the dive and purchased a matte nail polish. I never felt like I needed a matte since I have a matte top coat, oh how wrong I was. This stuff is amazing. The formula is outta this world. It stayed wet long enough for me to smooth it out, yet it dries really fast once it's on. This is the perfect polish to get your nails covered when you are in a rush and wanna look fabulous.

I love how this looks on my skin tone - I'm seriously in love with this polish lol. 

 I recently ordered some ManGlaze matte polishes too, so stay tuned for those :) 

Amazing texture on this  too!


  1. I absolutely love this color. I love matte nail polishes just havent figured out where to buy any, where did you purchase this one? I have a walgreens and rite near me and have never seen any there...

    1. Me too!

      Zoya's are sometimes sold at Ulta, but I'm not sure if they have the mattes. Zoya.com may have a promo for St. Patrick's Day that may include this polish (all green polishes).

      Otherwise you can always buy a matte top coat. Hard Candy at Walmart and change any polish to a matte with the top coat. Hope that helps.



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