January 24, 2012

Konad Stamping

Before I removed my last mani I decided to attempt  some stamping. I am HORRIBLE at stamping, but I figured if I keep practicing that it will get better eventually, at least that's what I keep telling myself for lol.

  I used Orly Shine, it didn't give a crisp enough stamp. It's probably user error for sure. It wasn't too horrible, so I figured I would show you guys. Maybe I should have named this post Stamping Gone Wild lol.  When Bad Stamping happens to Good People (thanks to Lori for giving me that idea).

Below is the plate I used, since it's impossible to tell what I used with my less than mediocre attempt lol. I used Konad plate M64

Thanks for visiting today.

  PSA: We are so close to 200 Followers!!! I'm stalking the numbers, and as soon as I see it hit 200 I will post about the giveaway - so stay tuned!

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