February 11, 2012

Untried Saturday No.6 - Hard Candy Lava

Sorry it's been so long for a post. I have been seriously sick with Bronchitis and Pneumonia, having to have sessions of steroid shots just to keep me from seriously dying lol.  I did do an untried this week tho - Yippeeee!!! 

Hard Candy - LAVA 

For whatever strange reason I thought this would be more red on the nail, and it's mostly bright orange.  Why I thought it was more red is beyond me. It's pretty clearly orange in the bottle lol.

At first I hated this color and texture completely. After about half a day, it started growing on me and I really liked it. Very sparkly and eye catching.

But then I went back to hating this again. Here is why.

* It took 3 coats and sometimes 4 for the even coverage I was looking for. Hard to explain, but every layer seemed to just 'soak in', and I would just end up not pleased and going over it. 

* I did this on Thursday (trying to be ahead with being sick and all) and it's Saturday and I have already taken it off. It chipped in 3 places and broke 2 of my nails. I never have chipping EVER let alone that soon, so it was super chiptastic. 

*It stained my nails bright orange which is the worst of it. I was so proud about how clear and stain free my nails where prior to applying this, and now I'm just stabby looking down at the stains.  I had a very good base coat on that prevents staining on 99.9% of my polishes. 

* There is fine micro glitter everywhere upon removal. I love glitter polishes and this was just a PITA. I took it off awhile ago, and I still see sparklies stuck to my fingers all over the place no matter how much I try and clean them off with polish remover or wash my hands. I just gave up lol. 

With the combo of all of the above this polish quickly went into my dislikes of all time. I probably won't ever wear this again. I know I have heard many rave about this one, but for myself I just do not likey at all. 

I'm tossing this into my swap away pile, and may just give it to kids for a play polish. I would hate to trade this to an unsuspecting recipient. I hated it that much lol. But, this is the great thing about polish guys. Some of us will love some polishes that others hate, and vice-versa. 

If you have this one - let me know your thoughts on it. Did you like it or hate it? 

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