September 26, 2012

Orly Buried Alive

Today I have on probably one of my new favorite polishes EVER, Orly's Buried Alive. I didn't go out specifically looking for this polish, I just happened to get lucky and get this in the clearance section at Sally's Beauty Supply. It was on clearance for 2.99$ USD, and the sales associated used my Sally's Card and ended up discounting it further. It was under 2.00$ USD!!! This was the deal of a lifetime. I will never over look the clearance section at Sally's Beauty Supply again lol.

This is a beautiful polish. It has a gold shimmer in it that is to die for! Unfortunately, it does have it's down sides. It was really difficult to apply for me. The formula was a very very thick consistency.  I had to thin this polish a lot to get it to be workable for me. I used over 10 drops of thinner, which is a lot of thinner for one time use on a polish. Once I gave it a good shake after adding the thinner it was  a bit easier to apply, but still not perfect. The first coat is VERY streaky, but it does evens out in two coats. I was able to get most of the brush strokes to vanish. The picture above is one thin coat and one thicker coat to finish it off.

As much as this was difficult to apply, I am still in love with this polish and it is still in my new favorites list of all time. The color is that stunning! 

In most lighting you can see that stunning gold shimmer. This polish is like mind blowing!!! I can not rave about it enough, even with it's terrible formula. It's the perfect chocolate color. 

I usually cover polishes up right away with a glitter indie, but I'm leaving this one alone for at least until tomorrow. Have no fears, I will add a Indie Glitter to it so stay tuned for an update to this manicure lol...

Does you guys like this? I love brown polishes on my skin tone and I honestly can say this is the best brown I have found to date, do you guys agree?


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