August 20, 2012

New Facebook Page and more info....

Today I redecorated a little bit. 

* I have removed my link to Instagram. I really do not use it at all and I have also been seeing a lot of complaints about stolen pictures from other bloggers. I really don't want to open that can of worms - so I nixed my Instagram link. 

* I have a new FACEBOOK PAGE ---- wooohooo! Click below and LIKE me :) 

The page is really really new. I just started it today, but I plan on adding a lot in the next several days. I get a lot of nail mail that I do not show on my blog, but I will be showing on my Facebook. I will be adding lots of things that my blog will not showcase. I currently only have 2 likes, and look forward to seeing you all join me there.

* We are getting close to 400 followers here (wooohoo). Once we hit 400 I will be having an awesome giveaway here, so stay tuned - we are real close!

Thanks for visiting :)


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