October 31, 2013

Candy Corn Flowers?

Tonight I have a super amazing polish from Candy Lacquer. This one is Candy Corn FLOWERS :)

It has super fun Flower shaped glitters in it, which I love. I did not individually place the glitters either. This is just how they brushed on! This was a super amazing formula. I layered it over Manglaze Matte is Murder.

I got on a Mate kick this week and applied it to this polish as well. The shiny top coat version was just not making me happy lol. I used Hard Candy Matte top coat, one of my favorites but unfortunately discontinued. I hope to never run out of it lol.
Please excuse the Horrible condition of my hands tonight. The hubby and I did some SERIOUS brush clearing in our backyard (the weather has been so nice) and I beat up my poor hands. An area we have been meaning to clear for ages now. I think after the Halloween Swatch-a-thon is over I'm going to have to rest my fingers hahaha :) 

This is 2 coats of Matte is Murder covered with 2 dabbed on coats of CCF, topped off with a Matte Top Coat. This always happens with Matte Top Coat with me. I don't touch it for long periods of times, and then when I do I can not stop using it. It's almost Halloween here, but have no fear. I will have one more Halloween Polish up tomorrow evening before my Halloween Swatch-a-Thon ends. I hope all you trick-or-treaters out there stay safe and have a blast collecting candy. I'm looking forward to my trick-or-treaters...Candy Treat Bags are stuffed filled with fun toys and candies!

October 30, 2013

A little matte :)

Tonight I have a fun polish to share with all of you. This is a polish that is just a perfect addition to my Halloween Swatch-a-thon.

This is 2 coats of Matte is Murder by Manglaze, with Rainbow Polish's Pumpkin Smashing layered over it. At first glance I disliked it (with the shiny top coat) Sorry I didn't take a picture with the shiny top coat. After staring at it for a certain period of time, I realized I could use a Matte top coat. I'm usually the QUEEN of Matte polish,  so it shocked me to think it's been well over a year maybe since I used a matte top coat last.

I'm in love with how this combo came out! Matte Top coat is a great way to really change things up. 

I hope you all liked this one. It really made me feel in the spirit of Halloween!!!

October 25, 2013

It's Spooky up in here!!! Witch's Brew

I have a super fun polish for you guys tonight. This polish was originally from 2ChixLacquer (now: Liquid Lacquer). It is called Witch's Brew and so far this is my favorite of all of my Halloween Swatches.

The base polish is 2 coats of BB Couture's Joker, my go to purple for Halloween time. It's a gorgeous purple with a blue shimmer. I than layered on the Witch's Brew ...dabbed on like I do most of my glitter top coats.

I LOVE IT!!! I have received so many compliments on this look. This has a perfect mix of glitters. My favorite part of this polish is the micro fine silver glitters. It brings such a stunning shine to the whole combination. I hope you guys like this one as much as I do! What are your thoughts on this one? Leave your comments below. Thank for visiting!!!

October 22, 2013

Sigma ...

Today I'm just wanting to share with you the current Sigma Beauty Codes that are currently available. I'm sure a lot of you that are into makeup are sick of seeing Sigma Affiliate links, but here goes with mine.

Just 2 simple steps to savings.

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October 18, 2013

Crackle Madness with Cirque

Today I have some crackle madness for you all. I KNOW I KNOW, I can hear it already, the sighs of disappointment as you read the word 'crackle'. I too am not a fan, but this crackle polish is a bit different. It is a sparkle crackle, and you all know I can't walk away from anything that sparkles!!

I won this polish last year in Sassy Paints Giveaway, but because my hubby got sick I wasn't able to use it til now.  I have been anxiously waiting to use it and finally did tonight!

The base color for tonight is Cirques - Kabocha. This was a limited edition Halloween polish that was released in 2012.

This is 3 coats, but this polish is fabulous. It's so easy to apply and 3 coats to get it opaque were thin coats. It does dry matte so keep that in mind, but the best part is that it is glow in the dark.

Once Kabocha was dried, I layered on the China Glaze Jade-D and sat back to allow it to crack. I love how it came out. It's super fun looking and so Sparkly.

My glow in the dark pic tonight leaves a lot to be disired lol, but here it is...

The crackle looks so cool when it glows !!!

I hope you guys liked this one. I wanted to try a combo that I don't think anyone has paired together :) What do you think? I know Crackle is much hated so I would love to hear what you all think.

October 17, 2013

Safety Stick!!!

Tonight I have a fabulous polish to share with you all. I originally thought I would like this polish the least of my Halloween polish, and I was so very very wrong. I can always admit when I'm wrong lol. I actually LOVE it to pieces!!!!

This is Safety Stick by 2ChixLacquer. I believe 2ChixLacquer no longer exists, and they have adopted a new company name since, but for the life of me I can not think what it is. If you know what the name is please head on over to the comments section and let me know lol.

This polish definitely reminds me of the glow sticks that are all over during Halloween time that the little kiddos carry around while trick or treating. This polish is brilliant!!!

This is two coats of Zoya Purity with two dabbed on coats of Safety Stick.

Agian, this polish is from 2012 and I do not believe it's available anymore. Sorry for that. I would never have any polishes to show you guys if I only stuck to polishes still available.  

Thank for Visiting. I would love to know if any of you have this one and what your thoughts are on it. 

ALSO, don't forget to enter my Halloween Giveaway ...You can do so HERE 

October 16, 2013

Halloween Giveaway


This Giveaway applies to all US Residents only. Sorry I can not do International shipping, I wouldn't be able to mail it to you in time for Halloween. 

One Grand Prize Winner 


3 Runner Up Winners!!!..

 Sinful colors Trick or Treat Nail Appliques.



October 8, 2013

Dollish Polish ... This is Halloween!

Today I'm going to be showing you a NEW favorite in my collection (well prior to today I hadn't used it, but today it pushed a ton of other polishes out of the way and went straight to the head of  the line).

GAHHH...how awesome is this??!! At first I thought I could wear this alone and build it up to an opaque color, but it just didn't work out that way. If you did that it would be really lumpy and bumpy. I decided to layer mine over China Glaze's Tree Hugger. 

It's really simple fine glitters, but I just loved the way it looked. The gorgeous gold really makes it stand out a lot.

I even made a short spotlight video showing the polish in action!

This was so spectacular I needed to do a spotlight video on it! Check out the way it sparkles as I move my hand around in the light. GORGEOUS!!! 

Thanks for watching and thanks for joining in on this months Spooky Hoochie Halloween Swatch-a-thon!!!

October 6, 2013

Hare The Monster!!!

Tonight I have The Monster by Hare. This is one of those polish that took stalking the restock to get. It was sold out literally in seconds off the Hare shop restock sale (last year) for me to get it, and I'm still shocked I was able to grab it in time. 

I know that showing polishes you can no longer get upset some people, but than I wouldn't have anything to swatch here lol.  A lot of my collection is HTF's (especially in the indie brands I own), and I hope you enjoy me sharing them with you.

I'm not sure if this is a Halloween polish per say, but it does remind me of Frankenstein when I see it. I figured it would fit right in with other Halloween polishes. It's a very dusty teal color with very small black and blue/green iridescent glitters. the glitters are sand like.

Lately this has been my new favorite color. The whole Minty color thing. It's an older trend, but I'm still loving and it still works for me! 

I was disappointed some with this polish when I first applied it because I thought this wouldn't need a base color. I tried to build it up to opaque in 3 coats...it wasn't bad and you could get away doing that, but it was too 'lumpy' for me. In the end I just decided to layer it over Essie's Greenport. 

I have 2 coats of Essie Greenport with 2 coats of The Monster on top of that.  It's slightly gritty, so I suggest you use a regular top coat with one layer of Seche Vite over everything. That should smooth things it right out.

I'm loving this!. Do any of you own this one? What are your thoughts. Leave your comments below, I would love to hear what you guys think of this one.

October 4, 2013

Spooky Hoochie Halloween Swatch-a-thon continues...Trelly's Witches in the Sky

The last post I showed you all was a polish that was HTF (I know I know, people hate that), but tonight I have something you CAN find! 

This is an AMMMMMMAZZZING polish. I layered it over Manglaze's Butt Taco (lol...always love saying that haha!).

I bet this would look CRAZY BEAUTIFUL with a Matte Top Coat. Of course my favorite part is the Moon Glitters (see pinky nail above). FUN FUN FUN. 

Now you can see why Trelly's is one of my favorite brands of my collection!!
CLICK HERE to visit Trelly's MISC.

October 2, 2013

Sally Hansen Witches Brew!!

Tonight I have an oldie but goodie. This is an original Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Witches' Brew. I was lucky enough to track this down in a Dollar General several years back. When I first started my blog, this polish was on the top of my wish list so imagine my surprise when I found it. I hunted Dollar Generals for weeks and weeks, and finally got lucky. This polish is one of my pride and joys of my collection and I wanted to share it with you guys. I love old hard to find polishes like this.

Keep in mind this polish is extremely old, I am guessing maybe 1990's??? The glitter in polishes back then were very basic and no where near what we have today, so keeping that in mind, I think this polish is FABULOUS!!! 

I wouldn't think of wearing this polish over any other color but black. The base in the above picture is Illamasqua Boosh. The two polishes paired together perfectly!

I have had this on a few days now and I seriously love it. I keep staring at my fingers and thinking how cutting edge this glitter must have been when it first came out.  I'm actually having a hard time removing it and moving on to the next polish lol.

Hope you guys enjoy this one! Thanks for Visiting :)

October 1, 2013

Spooky Hoochie Halloween Swatch-a-thon!!!

Hi Guys,

Today I'm kicking off the...

Spooky Hoochie Halloween Swatch-a-thon

Villains are part of Halloween, right? What better way to kick this swatch-a-thon off with a preview of some classic Villains...

I was in Walgreens this weekend, and I ran into this wonderful collection: Limited Edition ELF Disney Villains.

There are 12 mini polish in this box set - three polishes for each of the four villains.


(left to right: smokey brown, smokin hot, nude)


(left to right:  sea escape, mint cream, coral dream)


(left to right: mod mauve, gina girl, bumble gum pink)



(left to right: cranberry, pot of gold, thunderstorm)

They also have matching Nail Art Kits made by KISS. 

Watch my video below to see a close up look of all the nail art kits!!!

Thanks for watching! I would love to hear what your favorites are, leave yours in the comments below.


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