October 2, 2013

Sally Hansen Witches Brew!!

Tonight I have an oldie but goodie. This is an original Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Witches' Brew. I was lucky enough to track this down in a Dollar General several years back. When I first started my blog, this polish was on the top of my wish list so imagine my surprise when I found it. I hunted Dollar Generals for weeks and weeks, and finally got lucky. This polish is one of my pride and joys of my collection and I wanted to share it with you guys. I love old hard to find polishes like this.

Keep in mind this polish is extremely old, I am guessing maybe 1990's??? The glitter in polishes back then were very basic and no where near what we have today, so keeping that in mind, I think this polish is FABULOUS!!! 

I wouldn't think of wearing this polish over any other color but black. The base in the above picture is Illamasqua Boosh. The two polishes paired together perfectly!

I have had this on a few days now and I seriously love it. I keep staring at my fingers and thinking how cutting edge this glitter must have been when it first came out.  I'm actually having a hard time removing it and moving on to the next polish lol.

Hope you guys enjoy this one! Thanks for Visiting :)


  1. Boo. Now I am dying for this polish and it is no where to be found. BEAUTIFUL!


  2. oh yeah...thanks for making me want something i can never have! this is GORGEOUS!

  3. I'm currently hunting for Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice which, judging by the swatches, looks quite similar. It's my ultimate halloween lemming right now and you've just reminded me why!!!



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