July 2, 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Masks Series - #2 Crystal Masque

Today I was feeling really dry and wanted to do a scrub/mask to maybe calm things down a bit. I decided on Montagne Jeunesse Crystal Masque to continue my mud mask series.  Check my labels below left to see other masks I have reviewed.

I picked this one because the labels says that it smoothes, softens & conditions skin. I figured this conditioning would be perfect for my dry skin.


The mask is a clear pale pink, and the instant I opened the package I was hit with the sweet smell of honey.  It really was yum! I was expecting a heavy floral smell, and was pleasantly surprised that there was not a heavy floral scent at all. I am not a fan of heavy floral scents on my face. 


I soaked the package prior to opening in a hot water bath for a few minutes as directed (a plastic cup filled with hot water lol).

I expected this to feel smooth going on my face, but there was distinctive exfoliating scrub beads in this. It was not overwhelming, just barely there scrub beads perfectly spread throughout the formula.

I left it on for 10 minutes, as directed. It did not tighten up like a clay mask, and was very pliable and soft feeling on the face. When I washed it off it did not foam, but was was more of a cream wash. It felt and smelled wonderful. It was very easy to rinse off.

 Unfortunately, it didn't feel like it did much for my skin.  I was hoping for a really hydrated feeling, and instead my face looked more flaky and dry :( I had to use moisturizer in overload to get back to a normal feeling. It was not what I expected at all for my dry skin. I felt this mask would be better suited for someone with oily skin. 

I will be giving this another go, and I will add it in my next mask post to let you all know how it went a second time around. 

On a side note, I sent an email to MJ for some questions, and they were very helpful and pleasant in their response. Great customer service for me.

Thanks for visiting!


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