September 18, 2012

Naild'it Fall Flowers

I wanted to let you guys know what has been happening in the life of ThePolishHoochie. First, I added new page tabs (look up lol). Just some fun stuff to try an improve things around here some. I also want to create a new page header, so that is coming up as well.
Also, I announced this on Facebook and wanted to share this here too for those of you that don't use Facebook. I won't be doing a lot over the next week or so. I have eye surgery scheduled for Thursday. Long story short, it's a stye gone bad that I have to have removed. I had this done on my right eye earlier in the year, and unfortunately the same thing developed on my left eye. The surgery was pretty traumatic the first time around, so I kinda know what to expect this time around.

All the giveaways will go as planned (every 200 followers here and every 100 likes over at Facebook) they will just take me a little extra time to get up and together. The glare of the PC hurts my eye a lot, so I do things in stages. Hopefully I heal up fast and I will get things back on track as fast as I can.

 On to the nails....

Lucky I had this polish already swatched, and can share it with you all now. Today I have a super sweet polish from Naild'it. I purchased this on Naild'it's last restock on Etsy.  The flower glitters got me lol. 

This is 3 coats on it's own. 

This is super shiny and pretty. It has an awesome golden shimmer that I am in love with. These are the perfect colors for fall. I love the flower glitters too. I did not have to fish for them, they easily stuck to the brush, but I did have to place them. Usually larger glitters are best placed. 

I love the small black glitter spread through out this as well, it makes it look so fall like to me...does that make sense lol.

I do love it and hope you guys do too. What do you guys think about this one, love to hear things both positive and negative.

See you guys soon :)


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