February 24, 2012

Untried No. 8 - Happy Go Lucky

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Time for another Untried Saturday :) (a little early)

Today's Untried is China Glaze Happy Go Lucky.

I purchased this when it first came out, and it went into my Helmer, and has not seen the light of day since. I decided to bring it out for today's untried manicure. I wanted something bright and cheery, and Happy Go Lucky fits the bill :)

As we all know, yellow is the most finicky polish. It usually runs very thick, and takes several coats to apply. This was no exception. The first coat is very streaky and almost impossible to apply thin. The second coat is slightly better, but not by much. The polish does comes to life on the 3 coat. It evens out nicely. I did used thinner on it prior to using it and once again while applying. It was STILL very gloppy and thick while applying. 

BUT - the color is amazing. It is very worth the troublesome application. It's the perfect yellow for me. I just love how it looks. 

I always give these types of polishes (that are thick and difficult to apply) extra time to dry. There is a definite feel of 'thickness' on this polish once it's on, but I still love it!

Do you guys rock yellow polishes? If so I would love to hear which ones.


  1. this one is my absolute most favorite yellow ever!!!! i got it when my stash was still young lol. i love how bright and cheery it is. it's smiley face yellowwww! :D

    1. You're right - It's perfect smiley face yellow lol. I totally love it.

  2. Love it! I have Sunshine Pop I picked up last month or this month, I can't remember for sure, bought it to water marble with and it was a fail. It refused to spread and sunk like a stone every time I used it. So I still marbled with yellow, just the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow yellow. This is a great color on you!



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