May 10, 2013

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Scrub and Lotion - 60 Second Fix for Hands

Purchased by Me
First, before I get to the 60 Second Fix for Hands, I just wanted you to all know that as you read this I am currently on my way to St. Louis International Airport. I'm headed to New York this up coming week to spend Mother's Day with my Mom. I'm BEYOND excited to see my Mom!!!!!

 I haven't been home in over 2 years (she came to visit me last year), so I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends and family. This was a sort of last minute trip, so unfortunately I was not able to line up Guest Posters for my absence.  Have no fear!!! The blog will NOT go silent in my absence. I have several posts auto scheduled (like this one lol) to keep the blog going for the time I am away. Also, I will be on Facebook a lot since I will have so much time off.
So, in short I won't be here but I will be here :) On to my post...

For those that follow my blog and follow me on Facebook, you may remember last month I took a trip to Chicago. While I was there, I hit the Mall and came home with this...

I'm not a big Crabtree & Evelyn Fan, but for some reason I was drawn to the store this time around. I went in and sniffed around (sniffed around - as in smelling and touching everything lol).  The Sales Associate was very polite, and not pushy at all. She did notice me looking at the scrubs and offered to do a hand scrub for me. I love in store demonstrations, it gives me a chance to test products that I would normally not purchase.

She grabbed the set shown above, and did her thing. I loved the feel and the smell of it. I'm really big into hand scrubs. When I use cuticle remover, I always follow that up with a scrub. I also like to use scrubs in between nail swatching....Yes, you heard me right. After I swatch a polish, I remove it, add cuticle oil, and then use a scrub, dry my hands and move on to my next swatch. It cleans things up nicely. After the in-store demonstration, my hands felt like SILK. They were soooooo soft. There was no way I was walking out of that store without this set lol.
This is what is included in the box...

The scent on the scrub and lotion are very strong. I decided on the Citron because I love all things citrus. The set does come in other scents. After you use the scrub and lotion, the smell lingers for at least an hour afterward, so make sure you love the scent.

Call me old fashion, but I love that the scrub comes in a metal tube. The lotion is in a plastic tube. There are just three simple steps:
1. Scrub
2. Rinse
3. Apply Lotion

The scrub is very granular and very scruby. scruby a word??? - It is now lol. This is no weak or gentle scrub.  For me that's perfect, it gets rid of all that dead skin on your hands and cuticle area. I really LOVE this scrub.

Now the one surprising factor of this scrub is it does not rinse squeaky clean.  It feels as if you have already applied lotion. I highly recommend going into a store for a demonstration to make sure you really like the texture and soft feel after the scrub.
Purchased by Me


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