June 5, 2010

China Glaze Towel Boy Toy

WARNING: Pedicure pictures below, so please run now if that freaks you out lol.

Today I have on China Glaze Towel Boy Toy Neon blue, and I love it! I actually had to cheat and I had a professional manicure and pedicure today, and these are the results. She did paint closer to my cuticle then I do, but I think it looks messy and lots of my skin is painted lol. I didn't do any cleanup so you can see what it truly looked like leaving the salon. I'm leaving for vacation shortly and I just needed something quick, I now regret not doing it myself. I'm going to have to take out my cleanup brush and try and get this polish job looking exceptionable and the polish off of my skin lol.

Also I can't even think about how unsanitary the place was. If I don't get an infection it will be a miracle lol. She didn't like that I had my own polish (uh? that was never an issue before), She did not like that I made her clean any tools that touched me, they looked gross!!! She also didn't like that I wouldn't let her cut my cuticles. To make it all worse, she put on NO BASE COAT on!!! She put polish straight on the nail with nothing else!!!! Ughhh...I'm going to have smurf fingers for sure. I have never had such a horrible experience in my life! I tried explaining etc but she didn't speak English :( I was so frustrated I just wanted to get out as soon as I could. Then the topper she charged me 45$!!! I almost fainted. I have to say I'm shocked. I must really be out of the loop - those prices are insane. I could have bought a ton of drugstore polish for that. I learned a harsh lesson today DO IT YOURSELF or don't do it at all hahaha. I have to leave soon so I can't even redo it all. Soon as I get to my vacation destination I want it all off and going to change it elsewhere. I pray I find a better place.

The only good thing about today is my new shoes. Here are my new shoes and my bad pedicure lol.

and finally my flip flop shot lol

I have the ugliest toes of all time so sorry if this scares you LOL! :)

Thanks for visiting!

PS - If you get a chance please check out my Models Own Nail Polish Haul video I made yesterday if you missed it. See post below this one for the video :)


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