June 27, 2012

Another Oldie but Goodie: CoverGirl City Lights

Today I have another oldie for you. It's Cover Girl's Boundless Color - City Lights 430. I found this beauty in a bargain bin in my local store for .99 cents! The store was Pamida, but it has since went out of business. I'm so glad I grabbed this (& 4 others) before the store went out of business.

This is considered a topcoat which is sheer in 1 coat, but opaque in 3 coats.
This polish is packed with holo glitter.  You can see the holo in very low light & in very bright light. Here is a blurred shot so you can see what this looks like once the sun hits it. It is truly drool worthy lol. 

My best polishes have popped out of bargain bins or dollar stores. My favorite kind of polishes!

 Hope you guys like it. 

For those of you that follow my blog, you may be asking yourself what happened on my first day of my new job, and may be wondering why I have such a flashy polish on when I was so worried initially. It all was fine. My first day was awesome. My Boss had LONG bright red nails, and all the girls had polish on (mostly on toes) of all colors. It seems no polish is off limits - woohoo! I may still hesitate on blacks, but I'm sure I will work it in somewhere lol. 

Hope you guys have a happy Wednesday.


  1. So pretty, I'm mesmerized by the holo.
    That's awesome your work doesn't care whether you wear nail polish or not.

  2. Wow this is really a boundless color *.*
    Yay for your new job allowing nail polish wohoo :D
    No nail polish limits ahead :-D
    Sometimes I wear black too at my job. Not plain black, I don't want to :-D but with some nail art, stamping, glitter top coat or something like that. :) I always think outfit matters more. If it fits to the polish, than the color of polish doesn't matter. :)

    1. I agree, if you are dressed neatly, the nails blend in and not stand out :)



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