November 6, 2011

No Nails - But Soap Haul :)

Hey everyone, 

I know it has been months and months that I have been here, and believe me  I feel really horrible about it. I had a terrible accident in January that started off my year terrible. I cut my hand really bad and it took most of 2011 to get everything right. I still have nerve damage etc.... and it really discouraged me. I stopped painting my nails, as it was hard to paint them with a none functioning right hand.  That was followed by a bad eye infection, THEN followed by an infected tooth that was weeks and weeks of pain. What a 2011!!!! I will be anxious for this year to be over LOL. Too many bad things that kept me away.

I have fallen so behind in polishes and have missed so many releases and new things that it's tough to catch back up. The last several weeks I have been reading blogs and MU and trying to figure out all I missed - A LOT!!!! HAHAHA. SO MUCH.

I almost painted my nails yesterday and then got unexpected guests. I put a goal on myself that my nails NEED to be painted some time before the end of this up coming week.  I have some ideas on colors that are great oldies but goodies that will do the trick! You guys won't miss it - I promise to take pictures and share :) 

I did do a recent soap haul and I wanted to share that with you all. It's not a Lush one (I know I know lol).  I really wasn't a Lush soap junkie ever (I LOVE  LOVE there bath bombs and bubble bars), just not a fan of there soaps. There SO expensive for so little and a lot of them don't hold there scent well or don't lather well. I started researching Youtube and found several Etsy and Artfire Homemade Soap sellers that are really amazing soap makers. 

The company n the spot light today is A Life Deliberate Soap Company.

I created a youtube video, my first haul of any kind. I sound a little dorky, but it sure was fun to tape. Oh and no razzin me hehehehe, I have NO polish on *blushes*.

Thanks for visiting and still continuing to follow :)


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