November 6, 2011

No Nails - But Soap Haul :)

Hey everyone, 

I know it has been months and months that I have been here, and believe me  I feel really horrible about it. I had a terrible accident in January that started off my year terrible. I cut my hand really bad and it took most of 2011 to get everything right. I still have nerve damage etc.... and it really discouraged me. I stopped painting my nails, as it was hard to paint them with a none functioning right hand.  That was followed by a bad eye infection, THEN followed by an infected tooth that was weeks and weeks of pain. What a 2011!!!! I will be anxious for this year to be over LOL. Too many bad things that kept me away.

I have fallen so behind in polishes and have missed so many releases and new things that it's tough to catch back up. The last several weeks I have been reading blogs and MU and trying to figure out all I missed - A LOT!!!! HAHAHA. SO MUCH.

I almost painted my nails yesterday and then got unexpected guests. I put a goal on myself that my nails NEED to be painted some time before the end of this up coming week.  I have some ideas on colors that are great oldies but goodies that will do the trick! You guys won't miss it - I promise to take pictures and share :) 

I did do a recent soap haul and I wanted to share that with you all. It's not a Lush one (I know I know lol).  I really wasn't a Lush soap junkie ever (I LOVE  LOVE there bath bombs and bubble bars), just not a fan of there soaps. There SO expensive for so little and a lot of them don't hold there scent well or don't lather well. I started researching Youtube and found several Etsy and Artfire Homemade Soap sellers that are really amazing soap makers. 

The company n the spot light today is A Life Deliberate Soap Company.

I created a youtube video, my first haul of any kind. I sound a little dorky, but it sure was fun to tape. Oh and no razzin me hehehehe, I have NO polish on *blushes*.

Thanks for visiting and still continuing to follow :)


  1. Hey Hooch!!! Glad to hear from you. I'm so sorry to hear about all your troubles but glad to know you will be posting again :)

  2. Ok, you got me. Those are too cute & I'm over there shopping. Could you tell me if the scents last? I miss your nail posts, but I'm glad to hear you're doing better.

  3. @Kate The scents are super strong while your showering (that's my fav part) the steam and the scent mixing YUM. It also depends on the soap - some do and some don't. It one of those trial and error things of what works with your skin, but while your in the shower they are fantastic. Also they are super super moisturizing so unlike LUSH. they make me so soft!!!! :)

  4. I'll have a nail post up by end of weekend YIPEEEE!!!!



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