April 15, 2010

New Camera!

I have been wanting a new camera for a while now. I have a big fancy one, but hate using it for my NOTD shots. It's hard to balance in one hand hahaha. I have been wanting something small and simple for awhile now. I currently have to borrow a camera to do my NOTD's and I always feel bad. He doesn't mind, but it still bugs me and makes me feel bad. 

So here is my new camera ....... Tada :)

*SQUEEEEL* How gorgeous is this! The funny part is I was so happy it was purple before anything else lol. But outside of the fab purple, it's the top of line Canon Power Shot. I haven't gotten it yet (UPS is delivering it), but I'm sooooo excited about getting it.  My very own Purple Power Shot LOL!

Here's a Picture of the the one I was borrowing 

Doesn't this look like it belongs to a guy? HAHA.  I'm a girly girl and it's too 'generic' for me.  I know you guys can stop gagging now lol. Don't get me wrong it's a great camera and takes great pictures, but its super old and it's going to be so neat having my own now.  I'm sure you guys will know when it lands here - I will have a ton of pics when I get it.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing in my happiness!


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