February 6, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Lynnderella Connect The Dots

I'm still in my sickly death bed, literately. I've been in bed all day and Kelly has been making sure I have everything I need. I was lucky that he had off today, and the extra TLC is much appreciated! Maybe it will help chase this nasty cold off. BUT you know I couldn't just leave my nails alone.  As much as I loved the Model's Own Grey Day mani I had on, I HAD to add my new Lynnderella Connect the Dots on top.

I purchased this on the last sale over at Llarowe. I sat at my PC and refreshed the page every few seconds for an hour straight - what we do for nail polish lol!

I didn't do anything special here. Meaning, I did not try and spread the glitter in any specific place. Usually with these type of glitters you can take out an orange stick and manipulate the glitters where you like them to fall on the nail. In this case I specifically did not push the glitters around (expect from the free edge so I wouldn't have a mess) to see how it looked 'as is'. I was pretty pleased with the 'as is' results.

Thanks for visiting today. 
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