July 2, 2013

Stars and Stripes - 4th of July Manicure

Press Sample Purchased by Me
Today I have my 4th of July Nails. I had a short amount of time, so I needed simple and fast. I currently have house guests staying with me since last week, and they will be staying until next week, so I couldn't do anything too time consuming. At lot of us have busy schedules around this time of year, so if you are looking for something fast...this is the perfect manicure.

I started with Zoya Polishes:
 (Left to Right: Chyna (Pixie Dust), Purity, and Liberty (Pixie Dust).

I then topped it off with one of my top favorite Indie Polishes - Rainbow Polish -Shooting Star.

This is a fund raising polish where 50% of the proceeds are donated to various charities. It is still available on ETSY and retails for $10 USD - click HERE for details.

I usually use tape to do strips, but for this one I just free-handed it. I figured it would be tough to get smooth lines with the Pixie Dust Texture. I never free handed lines before, so for my first try - not too bad.

I love the silver stars and bars in Shooting Star. It's the perfect topper for a 4th a July themed polish. I ended up loving the effects over the Zoya Pixie Dust, the sparkle is off the chain (lol).

I hope everyone has a SAFE and Happy Fourth of July.
Press Sample Purchased by Me


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