September 7, 2012

It's a Party - Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker!

Today is a great day!!!  It is September 8th, and that means it is my Birthday, (*Dances happily around the room*).
As you read this, I am somewhere celebrating my birthday. The reason I say 'somewhere', is because my significant other said he was talking me away for the weekend and to pack my bags  on the 7th (a surprise!!!).  We will not be returning unit the 9th. I have no idea where we are going lol! 

I wanted you guys to have something to see while I was away. I will have my ipad and iphone, but I can not post blog posts from either, too much work hahahaha.  I 'will' be following my comments here and my Facebook :)

For my birthday I am celebrating with Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker. It kind of reminds me of confetti cake in addition to a jawbreaker :)

Pretty pretty! I wanna lick my fingers hehehe. This is three coats (no underwear). 

I thought this would be so much fun to wear for my mystery birthday weekend! 

Thanks for Visiting, and I will be back next week with some awesome new polishes!


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