January 3, 2012

Challenge for 2012 & upcoming GIVEAWAY

A few announcements:

Here are the details of my personal blog challenge for 2012. 

I want to tackle my untried nail polishes. My collection is close to about 325 bottles and 90% is untried!!!  My day for doing this will be Saturday/Sunday. These are the only true days I have off work.  Each Saturday/Sunday I will be using an untried and posting it here. 

I know for most this doesn't seem like a hard challenge of once a week, but for someone that has 2 jobs - it is lol! It will only make a small dent in my untrieds, but it's a start :) 

I still want to purchase new polishes, so if they are used they will be posted during the week. Stay tuned, this Saturday will be the start of this, and untried #1.

Also, I'm getting close to 200 followers (Wow)! When I started this all I never imagined I would get that many followers. I love it! I'm going to be having a 200 followers giveaway - Including International followers as well. I have different ideas of what polish I will have in the giveaway, so as it approaches I will let you guys know when it starts and what will be up for grabs.  

I don't like anything too complicated for giveaways so easy rules will apply.  Post my giveaway on your Blog, leave a comment, and finally answer a simple nail related question. That's it :)

Start date to be announced (19 more followers to go for 200)!!!

Thanks for visiting!


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