January 28, 2014

From the long lost archives of Halloween? Bitches Brew

Hi Guys,

I'm slowly working on getting more posts and activity up and going here at the PolishHoochie. As I was cleaning out my files on my PC, I came across these pictures that I took with the intentions of posting them for my Halloween Swatch-a-thon from 2013. Some how these photos didn't make it in, well I could not let them go to waste ...So here they are!

I was lucky enough to win this polish from the Lovely SassyPaints2012 actually in 2012 lol. I was so thrilled to win it because I had missed it for Sale from Nail Pattern Boldness when it was offered (not knowing it would be sold again in 2013). SassyPaints has since become a really good friend and trusted friend of mine - LOVE HER. I waited it seems like forever to finally use it, so these pictures needed to go up!

The glitters in this are out of this world. You guys all know the glitter Hoochie I am :) The base color is Tardy Tart by Sation. Sation polishes are fast becoming my favorite polishes as a base for under all my glitter polishes, and the fact that they are really inexpensive and of great quality makes it even better.

And of course I had to bust out the Matte Top Coat. 

If you have not used a matte top coat on a glitter before, you are really missing out. Matte top coat and glitter nail polishes are meant to be together :)

Love this combo so much, and I hope you guys do too! Thank you for visiting.


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