February 4, 2012

Untried No.5 - Model's Own Grey Day

My untried for today is Model's Own Grey Day. It's a bit lighter than I normally like in my greys, but I still kinda of like it. 

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On to Untried Saturday. I have been deathly sick the last 48 hours, so I'm kind just laying low. I still squeezed in a mani - yippee:) Not my best, but much better than going without. I didn't even have my camera settings right. The cough medicine took over and just started snapping bad pictures - but I'm showing them to you anyway LOL!   I guess even being close to death does not stop me from painting my nails and trying to post here :)

Hope you guys like! 

 It's still very very pretty, and it basically applied its self.

It's a very soft pretty Grey

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