March 16, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day


Today I have a fun post. I did some long anticipated stamping! Yes, you heard me correctly.....I stamped! 

I used Zoya Sharon and Maya Cosmetics Envy. Both polishes were the perfect colors for St. Patrick's Day. I added in some striping tape and rhinestones, and came up with this design :)

The Zoya Sharon is a Limited Edition polish that Zoya was kind enough to include in a recent promo. The Promo: When you made a purchase of 20$ or more, you received Sharon as a free gift! How amazing is Zoya for offering this?!  This is now my new favorite orange. Orange polishes, similar to yellow, tend to be thick and difficult to apply. This orange was not at all like most of my others. This formula on Sharon was very easy to work with, was not clumpy or streaky. I will be using this as my go to orange from here on out. You will be seeing this again here at ThePolishHoochie.

The Maya Cosmetics Envy is a new release. This formula was on the thick side. It is so packed full of glitters, it causes it to be extremely thick. I did not thin this polish and wish I had. It's has beautiful sparkle and is unique in my collection. Even thought it was thick (which I know is fixable) I really love the look of it overall. This is a keeper for me.

The stamping plate I used is an older no frills plate that was included in a set of 6 plates. I purchased the set HERE. The set now sells for UNDER 5$ USD. I recently ordered all three sets of Bundle Monster plates, so I figured I better start stamping. This is the first time I have stamped in over a year (maybe longer).

I usually do not do these type of manicures, so I thought it would be fun for St. Patrick's Day.

I used striping tape from THE BORN PRETTY STORE for my middle finger, I was going for a plaid look. I'm pleased with how it came out.

Use code EPL91 to save 10% on all orders from The Born Pretty Store.

I used Konad Special Polishes in both White and Green for the stamped Shamrocks. 

I love how this all came together. I hope you guys had just as much fun with your St. Patrick's Day Manicures as I did. 

Did you do a St. Paddy's Manicure this year? Please link yours in the comments if you did, I would love to see them!!!


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