May 30, 2013

Naild'it - Peace Love n Hairspray!

Press Sample Purchased by Me
Evening everyone :) Sorry I have been MIA for a bit, but I had a few health issues that kept me away .... But I'm back, and with a Naild'it polish that is outta this world, Peace Love n Hairspray.

I started with a base color of Orly Shine, which I absolutely adore. It's a very metallic and shiny silver that is a must have for any nail polish hoarder collector.

I was originally going to do a black or white base, and I am so glad I switched it to this instead!

I think these two polishes go together amazingly well. I think a lot of times silver is neglected, and as you can see in these pictures - it shouldn't be.

I dabbed on several layers of Peace Love n Hairspray. I wanted the glitters to be really dense. 

There is a combination of white, orange, blue, red, yellow, gold, black and green glitters. WOW - Just jammed pack full of color. The shapes vary as well from Hex to square with a trace of bar glitters. This is such a fun polish!

This is a rainbow packed into a polish. The formula was excellent as well. No thinning needed.

If you would like to purchase Naild'it polish you can find them at or the Naild'it Etsy Store. Follow Naild'it on Facebook to have up to date information on shop opening times and release dates.

Thanks for visiting!

Press Sample Purchased by Me


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