April 21, 2010

Boosh and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Just a quick post for today.  This is Boosh and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (1 thick coat).  It was really overcast today, but it I was still able to capture this well enough.

I used my old camera here as I still haven't gotten use to the new one.  I can't get good pictures LOL.  I do not use photoshop and just crop and slightly color adjust, so I want the same effect from my new camera. Hopefully I get the hang of the new one. Hope you guys like it! Thanks for looking :)

April 18, 2010

Maybelline Colorama Happiness - Sonic Sunset

I just have a quick post for tonight.  I spent my entire day out in my yard mowing, digging, cleaning up, planting, power washing the drive and on and on. I love spending time outside, so I have a whole game plan for the summer of outside projects and started today.  I even helped my neighbor transplant a tree today as well. I feel pretty dead to the world right now hahaha. EVERYTHING HURTS, but I snuck in a quick mani refresh today on a break lol. I had on Orly Happily Ever After and I refreshed it with my Maybelline Colorama Sonic Sunset.  Flakie LOVE!!!! I have serious tip wear, but I blame the yard work for that hahaha.

I would also like to say thank you all for the wonderful comments, and for those who tagged me with the 'I Love Your Blog' Award. Tomorrow I will be dedicating a post to it :)

Here's my Mani Refresh w/Sonic Sunset


OMG I so love these Flakies. I could probably use this topcoat on every creme mani I do. The best part is I got this as a extra in a swap.  I can't tell you how sweet and kind that is.  I love it!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

(PS.  I'm struggling with my new Camera lol.  It's tough getting a hang of it, but I will keep at it until I get it right. These pictures are pretty color accurate it's weird the Top Coat changed how it looked, but I still LOVE it)

April 17, 2010

New Camera and Happily Ever After Mani

I'm so excited - My New Camera came today!!!! I have been so happy ever since lol.  I was discussing it with rmcandlelight and she gave me the most wonderful idea to match my manicure to my camera :) I went threw my stash and the I came up with is Orly's Happily Ever After.  How perfect is that name for what I am feeling. It's really close and it was really fun doing this.  Okay enough of my crazy yap yap lol. On to the the pictures. These pictures are all taken with my old camera.

I love the little glass slipper charm that comes with this.  Extreme cuteness. The above is three coats. Here a a bunch of Random shots of it as well.

Above check out the hidden shimmer in this polish. Click on the picture above to get a better view. You can see it in the bottle along side the letter O. You can see it in the polish as well.

And here's my new baby lol.  It is past gorgeous and prettier than I could have ever imagined.  It is the most gorgeous purple/pink :)

Hope you all liked the Mani and The Camera.  I haven't learned to master the manual controls yet of the new camera, but as soon as I do we will get some new pics :)

Thanks for visiting!

April 15, 2010

New Camera!

I have been wanting a new camera for a while now. I have a big fancy one, but hate using it for my NOTD shots. It's hard to balance in one hand hahaha. I have been wanting something small and simple for awhile now. I currently have to borrow a camera to do my NOTD's and I always feel bad. He doesn't mind, but it still bugs me and makes me feel bad. 

So here is my new camera ....... Tada :)

*SQUEEEEL* How gorgeous is this! The funny part is I was so happy it was purple before anything else lol. But outside of the fab purple, it's the top of line Canon Power Shot. I haven't gotten it yet (UPS is delivering it), but I'm sooooo excited about getting it.  My very own Purple Power Shot LOL!

Here's a Picture of the the one I was borrowing 

Doesn't this look like it belongs to a guy? HAHA.  I'm a girly girl and it's too 'generic' for me.  I know you guys can stop gagging now lol. Don't get me wrong it's a great camera and takes great pictures, but its super old and it's going to be so neat having my own now.  I'm sure you guys will know when it lands here - I will have a ton of pics when I get it.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing in my happiness!

April 14, 2010

China Glaze Poolside Collection and Flip Flop Fantasy

Hi everyone! Today I got my China Glaze Poolside collection in the mail *doing a happy dance* :) I was so excited when I heard the UPS man ring my bell.  I literally went running, for cover that is -  I wasn't dressed LOL! If I don't answer he leaves it at the door and takes off, PHEW! 

I decided on Flip Flop Fantasy.  This color is beyond stunning.  It's a bright Neon Coral Pink - that is the best way I can describe it.  I'm in love with this color! The cool part about it, is depending on what light your in it changes.  It's pure love for me!

Now this is a neon and we all know that they don't photograph well at all.  I did my best, but it's impossible to capture the true beauty of it's SHOCKING brightness. These of course are not color accurate and its a bright neon.

I took the Above in Indirect Sunlight - Anything in direct Sun was not visible at all :)

The above was taken in Shade

 Random shots below :)

And Below is the whole set!

(From Left to Right:  Towel Boy Toy, Kiwi Cool-ada, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Sun Worshiper, Flip Flop Fantasy and Pool Party).

Remember you can click on any of the pictures above to look at larger versions. My favorite color so far is Flip Flop Fantasy.  What is your favorite?? - Leave it in a comment :)

Thanks for visiting!

April 13, 2010

Tag Sunshine Award

Hi Everyone - I received this award from Nails Beautiqued and I was so flattered!!  My Blog is fairly new, so it was a serious honor to be noticed :) Thank you rmcandlelight, you are a sweetheart! I'm sure many of you know her blog, but make sure you visit her if not at the link above!

These are the rules:

1. Post the logo within your blog or post.

2. Pass the award on to several other bloggers.

3. Link the nominees within your post.

4. Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to the person whom you have received this award from.

My Sunshine Award candidates are these wonderful blogs that I follow:

If you haven't visited them, make sure you check them out  - they are wonderful :)

Thanks for Visiting!

April 11, 2010

Milani Digital

First I want to say hello and WELCOME to all my new followers, thank you for visiting and for all the kind comments that I have been receiving :)

Today I decided to take advantage of the sunlight that I finally got.  I wanted something soft and delicate but with a punch, and Milani Digital has delivered. This is two coats and I did not put a Top Coat on.  I heard Top Coats dull Holos, so I wanted to try without one first.

With this you have to search for the holo a little, but it's there if you look close enough.

I'm trying to improve my photo skills and hopefully you guys like these shots as much as my usual style.

Let me know if you guys like the new photo style lol.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for visiting.

April 10, 2010

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring 2010 Collection and Swatches Galore

I visited a Kmart this past weekend and got my hands on the new Sally Hansen Spring Limited Edition Spring 2010 Collection...YIPEEEE :) I did some really quick and sloppy swatches and got lucky and got a little bit of sunlight for some of my pictures ...

Here are the first 4 bottles...
(Left to Right Above: Blue Blast #01, Sea Breeze #02, Spring Green #03, and Express-so Yellow #04)

The swatches above are in the same order and taken in sunlight.  These were all done in 2 coats, but both Blue Blast and Spring Green could have easily been one coaters.  The formula for these were awesome...EVEN THE YELLOW!! It was streaky the first coat, but smoothed out in coat 2.  This is probably the best yellow I have in my collection.  It was not thick and messy like yellows are typically of being. 

Above is taken in shade.

These colors looked so fun together in a skittle mani.

 Above Blue Blast

Above Sea Breeze

Above Spring Green

Above Expres-so Yellow

Okay now on to the next 4 bottles...

(Left to Right Above: Mango Motion #05, Pronto Petal #06, Rose Rush #07, and Urgent Orchid #08)

The Swatches above are in the same order and were taken in what little sunlight was left in late afternoon.  These were also all 2 coats and lovely formulas.  I loved all of them, but Mango Motion is gorgeous and my favorite!! It's so bright and pretty :)

The Above were taken in shade

Above Mango Motion (Check out how pretty!)

Above Pronto Petal (Barbie Pink?? lol)

Above Rose Rush

Above Urgent Orchid

I loved all of these.  I hope you enjoyed them too and if you can deal with the thicker brushes on these (which I personally love) run out and get these - They ROCK!! My favorite is Mango Motion and Spring Green.  Which do you like? Leave your thoughts in the comments - I love hearing what you all think.

Thanks for Visiting

April 9, 2010

Konad ala Rebel style

Before I remove my Rebel nail polish from P2, I decided to do another practice Konad.  I figure if I mess it up there is nothing to lose as I was removing the polish anyway!

Here are the results using Plate M15 and Special White Polish.  Remember this Mani is several days old so my poor cuticles etc are not up to par and there is serious tip wear.

Yes I did take a lot of pics lol...just loved how it came out despite the tip wear.  This is one of my favorite plates (I love this star).  what's your favorite plate? Leave your thought in the comments below.

Thanks for visiting!


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