April 10, 2010

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Spring 2010 Collection and Swatches Galore

I visited a Kmart this past weekend and got my hands on the new Sally Hansen Spring Limited Edition Spring 2010 Collection...YIPEEEE :) I did some really quick and sloppy swatches and got lucky and got a little bit of sunlight for some of my pictures ...

Here are the first 4 bottles...
(Left to Right Above: Blue Blast #01, Sea Breeze #02, Spring Green #03, and Express-so Yellow #04)

The swatches above are in the same order and taken in sunlight.  These were all done in 2 coats, but both Blue Blast and Spring Green could have easily been one coaters.  The formula for these were awesome...EVEN THE YELLOW!! It was streaky the first coat, but smoothed out in coat 2.  This is probably the best yellow I have in my collection.  It was not thick and messy like yellows are typically of being. 

Above is taken in shade.

These colors looked so fun together in a skittle mani.

 Above Blue Blast

Above Sea Breeze

Above Spring Green

Above Expres-so Yellow

Okay now on to the next 4 bottles...

(Left to Right Above: Mango Motion #05, Pronto Petal #06, Rose Rush #07, and Urgent Orchid #08)

The Swatches above are in the same order and were taken in what little sunlight was left in late afternoon.  These were also all 2 coats and lovely formulas.  I loved all of them, but Mango Motion is gorgeous and my favorite!! It's so bright and pretty :)

The Above were taken in shade

Above Mango Motion (Check out how pretty!)

Above Pronto Petal (Barbie Pink?? lol)

Above Rose Rush

Above Urgent Orchid

I loved all of these.  I hope you enjoyed them too and if you can deal with the thicker brushes on these (which I personally love) run out and get these - They ROCK!! My favorite is Mango Motion and Spring Green.  Which do you like? Leave your thoughts in the comments - I love hearing what you all think.

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  1. All of these are such pretty colors. You are making me want the whole set :) My Kmart never bring in new collections. I hope Walgreens get them!


  2. @ rmcandlelight

    I always use to hate Kmart, but mine is like a gold mine for nail polish!! I live in a small town in missouri and have nothing much else around - thank god for KMART lol :)

    Thanks for the Blog Link headed to look now!

  3. I love the wide brushes on the Insta-Dri's! I had a bit of trouble with Lickety-Split Lime but the color is gorgeous.
    I don't think these get enough attention. Many seem to be one coat wonders if you're careful and they have some pretty unique colors!
    I'll be hunting for the Blue Blast, Spring Green, and the yellow one thanks to this post!

  4. Very pretty colors. Love the skittles look. My girlfriend bought the whole collection for me. I have to pay her back though! She uses all my polishes. Maybe I should rent them out. She loves these, especially the brush. I have a hard time wiht the brush. Love the green.

  5. @ April - I hope you find the ones you like!

    @ Lucy - The brush took me a little to get use to them but if your careful these call all mostly be just one nice solid coat :)

  6. I just bought Blue Blast and on the same trip I lucked out on the last bottle of Loreal's Ocean Breeze. They're both in my untrieds but now that I think about it they might turn out to be pretty close to dupes..

  7. I just bought all the colours I wanted (both blues, green, yellow, and coral) cause they were on sale. Too bad the purple one was not in stock!

  8. I don't know HOW I didn't find your blog until now, loving insta-dri's ;) Totally following NOW!




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