May 12, 2013

Naild'it - Put a Ring on it...

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I'm back, as promised :) Right about now I'm in New York and having a blast (hopefully - lol). It's Mother's Day and I'm with my MOM!!!! Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely Mother's out there today.  I myself do not have my own children, but my husband has three boys, so that makes me a Step Mom :)
I also have 2 cats and I clean up poop, throw up, feed them, bath them, break up fights, clean up after them. In my book that definitely qualifies me as a Mom too. My Husband always gets me something for Mother's Day from the cats lol.  This year we are apart, but we will celebrate when I get back home to Missouri!
On to the I want you guys to check out this AMAZING polish from Naild'it.  I will warn you ahead of time that I'm going to say I love this polish about 100 times in this post.
This is  clear base polish with Gold, Silver and Holo Glitters. My Mom deserves a gold Medal so this one is for her!

I really don't have anything like this in my collection. It's actually just two colors, gold and silver, but it's amazing. I LOVE THIS POLISH! This is 2 coats of OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls, with two dabbed on coats of Put a Ring On it (how cute is that name?)!
I think this polish would look amazing on ANY color. I see it over Pink, Red, Gold, Orange, Blue, Purple and Black. It would look amazing on any of these. I LOVE THIS POLISH. 

 I hope everyone has a happy Mother's Day!! Thanks for visiting as usual and I will back shortly!
You can purchase Naild'it polishes on or The Naild'it Etsy Shop. Thanks for visiting and I will be back again soon!

Press Sample


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