February 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Argyle

Hi everyone :)

First, I want to send my wishes out to all those in the Northeast that are getting hit by Nemo. My entire family and lots of my friends live there so my heart is heavy tonight. I hope everyone is safe!

Second, I want to wish my wonderful husband, Kelly, a VERY VERY Happy Birthday. The poor guy has been struggling with chest pains for several weeks, and after a bunch of test they have decided to go back in his chest on Monday to check over his stints. I'm hoping it's something minor, but it could also lead to bypass surgery if needed. We won't know anything until Monday. We check in the hospital at 1pm Monday and our return home date is up in the air. Please say a prayer for him.

Tonight my post is a birthday mani for Kelly. His favorite color is purple...so of course I was going all out purple. I started with one coat of Rescue Beauty Lounge's MISMAS. A super gorgeous purple polish. I than dabbed on a few coats of Candy Lacquers Purple Argyle.

To top things off, I did one coat of Seche Vite (regular formula) and one coat of Seche Vite (UV formula). I then dried them under my UV light nail drier for several minutes, and then I was out the door for Kelly's Birthday dinner. With the impending surgery Monday, I wanted him to have a special meal tonight and a special mani.

This combination came out so much better than planned. Check out the fine glitters that add that special background sparkle. The polish has purple, white, black and HOLO diamond shape glitters. Super fabulous.

The polish also contains white, black and HOLO bar glitter. The combination is over the top WOW. 

This is one of those happy surprise polishes. This polish didn't really look special in the bottle. It seemed kind of just there. Sitting in a tray next to other glitter polishes, it didn't seem to stand out. Once the polish was on the nail, it was a totally different story...it was amazing. I'm now sorry I overlooked it for so long.

Kelly really liked it a lot, so it was perfect. I hope you guys like it!. I will try and do another post before Kelly gets admitted to the Hospital Monday. I have a feeling that it will be a day filled with unbearable stress, and if my nails are gross and messy it will just make me feel a billion times worse. I think most of you that polish your nails understand this. You are having a horrible day crying, and you look at your yuck nails and you just break down even more and then feel WAY worse. I'm going to wear something happy and positive that day.  Please say a prayer for us, it would be much appreciated.

 Be back soon!!!


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