March 14, 2013

Google Reader going away so here I come Bloglovin'!

It seems Google is getting rid of GOOGLE READER which is how most of us follow blogs here at Google/Blogspot. This will take effect July 1st, 2013.

I have done my best to provide a bunch of alternative ways of following me instead......

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Milani Texture Swatches

I wasn't able to track down the Mailani Texture polishes in my area stores, but I was able to order them online. I am so glad I did! 

Tonight I have swatches of all 6 colors of the new Limited Edition Milani Textured polishes, and they are FABULOUS!!

When I originally saw these new 'textured' polishes I really wasn't a fan at first, but like everything else nail related I at least had to give it a try. I took a chance and ordered this entire collection, and I have no regrets. These polishes are so pretty and it's LOVE for me.

This set is Limited Edition set, so you should grab it while you can. If you are not able to find it in your local drugstores you can still purchase them online HERE.



This was one of my two favorites of the collection. The formula was easy to apply on this one. Not all the formulas where the same, and this was the best of my bottles. All the polishes were difficult to apply at first, but once you get the hang of it, it became very simple. I used mostly 2 coats and sometimes 3. You don't want to make it too thick. I noticed the polish would remain shiny if you layered it too thick. It was best to do this in thin coats and wait for each layer to completely dry, before you moved to the next coat. This way you got the best matte textured finish. 

I know this may look like a scratchy sand paper nightmare to some, but it was totally fine for me. It did not feel bad at all. It didn't snag clothing etc, and felt only like there was a slight difference to the surface of the nail versus regular polish. How gorgeous is this. It's like sugar coated nail!!!!


This one is so super pretty. It's a bold purple and really worked good with my skin tone. The formula on this was also great. My Hubby's fav color is purple, so I love this one.

I really didn't want to take this off to swatch the next color. That was the most difficult part of swatching these. Once they were on, I did not want to take them off.


This was my absolute favorite. I LOVE LOVE this color and with the combo of the texture is is now  one of my ALL time favorite polishes in my entire collection now. The formula on this was a little tougher, but usually yellow polish is a bear to work with in any brand/finish.

I can not get over how much I love this one. 

This polish reminds of flock nails but way neater to apply and more textured.


This one is a super neat tomato red. I loved the color of this one. The formula on this was easy, but almost too watery. I had a few issues with it running into my cuticles. You have to be really precise with this one. If you get this on your cuticles, it's tough to get off.


This was another favorite in the collection. This formula was great and easy to apply. I loved the look of this. It looked like a freshly paved road lol. I thought it looked so amazing.

 If you love gray polishes do not miss this one, it;s a must have for all gray lovers. 


This was probably my least favorite of all the polishes. I am a pink lover, but this formula was blah to me. It was way watery and so tough to keep off the cuticles. I think it was that it made my fingers look to pinkish and everything looked kinda blah. You can see how I got some on my cuticle of my ring finger and it still there. I'm so glad I swatched this last because it was hard to get this pink off. It was a stainy type for me. Is stainy a word? lol

It still is a pretty polish and I don't regret having it.

I hope you guys enjoyed these. I'm anxious to swatch the other textured polishes I have. 

What do you guys think? Is this polish YEAH or NAY for you? I would love to hear your thoughts on these. Leave your comments below.


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