September 24, 2012

Bath & Body Works Halloween House

On my last visit to Bath & Body Works, Kelly and I eyed up this really cute Halloween House. He loves Halloween as much as I do. I waited to get a 20% off coupon to make it more affordable. As soon as I had my coupon, we were off to the store and this adorable candle holder came home with us!

This house is FABULOUS!!!! It's really large. The measurements are 10 1/4"h X 9 1/4"w. This retails for $49.50 USD.

This matches perfectly to the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein candle holders that I got earlier last week, which you can see in this post HERE

Here is what the inside looks like once you lift the outer shell which is the house shell. This holds three mini 1.3 oz Candles. What is nice is you don't have to to get three of all the same scent, you can mix and match and create a personalized scent for yourself. 

The top part is open so the candles have a vent area.

Once it is lite up, it really is stunning. Look at the lovely pattern it casts on the wall!

It's SPOOOKTACULAR....sorry I couldn't help myself, I just had to add that lol!

Do you guys like this? Has anyone else picked one of these up?


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