May 29, 2014

Video for the Zoya Awaken collection

Today I have up a video on the Zoya Awaken Collection. It's a bit awkward since I haven't done a video in a long time lol, but I still enjoy enjoy doing them...Check it out if you would like! 

Also I do have a written post with the same information Here:

Zoya Monet Top Coat Swatches

Press Sample MONET 
Purchased by Me KELLY & DIANA 

 Tonight I wanted to give the new MONET Top Coat from Zoya a try. It's a Spring 2014 release. It is a beautiful flakie Top Coat that really catches the eye. The glitters are Holographic and give off an array of wonderful colors. I layered it over two of my favorite Zoya Polishes, Kelly and Diana. Favorite = Me and my husband's names lol.

The polish was really thick for me, so I did have to thin it out some (about 4 drops of nail polish thinner), and once I did that it was easy to apply. I thin ALL of my glitter polishes like this one, for me it is a necessity to do so. Glitters are infamous for being thick and sometimes difficult to apply, and I have found the key to be a little bit of thinner. I also used a dabbing motion to apply the glitters randomly onto the nail, no brushing motions as it will just make a mess. I was pleased to see that the glitters did not having any curling and sat very flat on the nail. It is super pretty and a really nice touch to spruce of any creme nail polish. I say A+ on this one.

I applied the Top Cat to my middle and ring finger, my index and pinky finger have just the base polish so you can see with and without the Top Coat. 

Here is is on ZOYA KELLY...

Here it is on ZOYA DIANA...

Thanks so much for visiting and stay tuned for more swatches!
Press Sample MONET  
Purchased by Me KELLY & DIANA


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