August 24, 2012

Dollish Polish The Koopa King

Tonight is the continuation of my Dollish Polish Mario Collection Swatch Marathon. Tonight's polish is The Koopa King. This one is a BEAUTY!!!

This is 2 coats of Wet and Wild Black layered with two coats of The Koopa King. I did thin The Koopa King, but as you all know I do this with all Indies :) I'm a thinner maniac lol. 

This polish has an awesome mix of glitters. It has gold (beautiful gold) glitter in both larger hex and micro glitter, holo silver glitter in diamond shaped glitter and hex, red glitter in large and small hex and square glitter, green glitter in large and small hex, black bar glitter, and white small round glitter. So much it's difficult to list it all lol. Are you lost yet? I'm sure I missed some - there are that many!!!! I have to say this a MUST HAVE from the Mario Collection.

I have a confession .....I rushed this mani, because I had a local hometown high school football game to go to tonight :) so this was a 10 minute mani lol. We lost by 2 points in the last 3 seconds of the game - UGH!!!

I had a ton of compliments on this mani. The girls that were taking the money for admission at the football game all oooh'd and ahhh'd at it, and the friends I met up with all loved it too. It was fabulous, and it was hard to pay attention to the game with this awesome manicure sparkling away on my fingers.

I hope you guys enjoyed tonight's post, and please stay tuned tomorrow night for the next polish in this awesome collection!!!

(Edit: Sorry for a lot of GLARE om my pics, as mentioned earlier this was a 10 minute mani and a 5 second photo shoot lol).


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